10 Quick Wealthy Minded Methods To Get Organized and Stay Organized

Get Organized and Stay Organized

Having a hard time staying organized? Is your house feeling cluttered? Can’t stay on top of things anymore? If you can relate to these questions, then try these top 10 quick wealthy minded methods to get organized and stay organized.

1.When you go to put something down, put it where it belongs.

This is what my mother taught me at a young age and I haven’t been able to forget it. Every time I go to toss my shoes by my closet, I think, ‘mom would be disappointed in you if you didn’t just put these on the shoe rack where they belong.’ I then put my shoes where they belong and I’m glad I did because I save time and have less clutter around the house.

Start forming habits like this to stay organized. Know that when you get home from work, you hang your keys on the key hook by the door and hang up your coat in the closet, etc.

2.If something doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it.

There’s no need to waste time thinking about items that we don’t really like. ‘Why did I buy that shirt; I haven’t even worn it.’ ‘That picture frame doesn’t really match any of the frames.’ Just get rid of the items that don’t bring you joy. You won’t have to think about them anymore because you won’t be seeing them everyday. You can donate them, sell them or give them to a neighbor. Just make sure you’re actually getting rid of them, if you have a collection pile, schedule a time to go drop them off at goodwill so they’re not cluttering up your home.

3.Organize by items, not location.

If you’re cleaning out your closet, think of where else you have clothes. What about the hall closet or your dresser drawers? If you’re cleaning out your clothes, pull them all out (from everywhere in the house) so you can see exactly what you have. You may have a jacket in your room and a similar jacket in the hall closet. Organize by items and not locations.

4.Make sure everything has a home.

If you think, I’ll find a place for that later, think again. It will sit where ever you first put it for a long time, trust me, I’ve done this. Make a spot for it or get rid of it. Also, if you’re considering buying something, think, ‘Where will I put that?’ If you don’t know, then don’t buy it. Even if you’re still tempted to buy it, wait 24 hours. Usually if it’s not important, you won’t be willing to go back to get it. It will help declutter the house.

5.Use visuals where necessary.

Sometimes I put stuff in a box and put more stuff in another box on top of that box. Later, I’m wondering what stuff I put in that bottom box. Label the boxes or storage containers you’re using so you know exactly what’s inside. Make sure you label them with specifics, not like, ‘knives, cups and plates,’ instead of ‘kitchen stuff.’ You can then easily find things later and things don’t mysteriously go missing.

6.If you don’t really need it, don’t buy it.

Sometimes I think, ‘Oh that’s really cute and it’s on sale!’ Then I think, ‘I don’t really need it, but it’s such a good price and so cute.’ Then I have to tell myself, ‘Tiffany, just because you think it’s cute and it’s a good price, it doesn’t mean you really need it.’ Just walk away from those SALE signs so you can keep the clutter out of your house.

7.Schedule a declutter time.

To make sure to stay on top of things, schedule a time go through specific things. For example, every Monday right after work, sort through any leftover mail on the bar. Or, on the first of every month, schedule time to pull out two boxes to go through. Whatever you may need to do to start decluttering or keeping your home decluttered, just schedule a time so you know when you’ll be working on it.

8.Don’t rent to own.

The less amount of items that you actually purchase will help reduce the number of items in your home. So rent a Wet Vac from Home Depot or borrow books from the library instead of purchasing them. Think of sharing some tools with your neighbor or get rid of manuals that you can find online.

Watch what items come into your home so you can make sure it stays organized.

9.Put things where they make sense.

Put laundry soap by the washer and dryer. Put cleaning supplies in a plastic caddy in the broom closet so you can easily tote them to each room. If things don’t make sense where they are, just move them to a better place so you’re not buying extra of something you don’t need because you thought it was somewhere else. Or leaving things out because you didn’t want to walk that far to put it back where it belongs.

10.For moms and dads.

I’m adding this tip in because I thought it was genius. When your children make 3-D creations or large drawings, take a picture of them instead of worrying about finding a place to keep them. Children love to create things, but keeping all of the memorabilia can be a bit overwhelming and you don’t want to make them feel bad by getting rid of their gifts. Taking a picture of the gifts doesn’t take up any space in your home and you can show them the pictures as they get older.

There’s lots of ways to keep your home organized. What have you found that works? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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