20 Simple Wealth Minded Activities To Improve Your Life Today

Improve Your Life

I’ve got some easy things you can start doing today to improve your life. Today’s post is just strictly a numbered list because, first – I love lists (I get this from my mother) and second, numbered lists are quick and easy to read! On to the list – 20 simple wealth minded activities to improve your life today.

  1. While brushing your teeth, do calf raises (let’s get some exercise in where we can)
  2. Have a live plant at your desk to help improve creativity
  3. Put a mirror in your kitchen to help reduce unhealthy eating
  4. Put unhealthy food in hard to reach places
  5. Serve at least one person per day
  6. Praise people’s efforts, not abilities (you played the violin well, not you’re good at playing the violin)
  7. Try tightening your whole body, then relaxing, repeat 3 times, to help you fall asleep
  8. Park farther away from the store, or the office, so you can get a little more exercise
  9. When sitting at a desk for long periods of time, stretch every hour to get the blood flowing (you could even set yourself a reminder)
  10. Sit up straight when sitting, no one likes a sloucher and it’s not good for your back
  11. Smile when passing people (this is my favorite, honestly people instantly become happier when I do this)
  12. Tell an older lady how nice she looks instead of getting frustrated if you think she’s walking too slow
  13. Write a nice note to someone and give it to him/her
  14. Do the most important thing at the beginning of the day
  15. Tell someone you love him/her
  16. When you go to put something down, put it where it belongs (you’ll find less stacks of random ‘things’ lying around)
  17. Learn something new everyday (it can be through reading an article, listening to a podcast, talking with someone, etc.)
  18. Take a breather when you can feel yourself getting upset, instead of getting angry at someone, and list the benefits that came from the negative situation (it will help you the next time you start to get upset)
  19. Keep a picture of your spouse (or boyfriend/girlfriend) at your desk or on your cell phone; it makes you have a deeper connection to them
  20. Focus on the regret you’ll feel if you don’t do something; it will help motivate you to do it (for example, think of how you won’t reach your goal if you don’t go to the gym)

Those are some easy actions you can take to start improving your life today. What are some simple things you’ve done to improve your life?

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