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Hey there,

I'm Tiffany.

A laptop lifestyle business owner, millionaire, youtuber, successful investor and unwavering optimist that achieved financial freedom at age 38.

I can't wait to help you achieve financial freedom as well.

If you know you're meant for more and you're ready to have more options so you can start living the life you've been dreaming of instead of living paycheck to paycheck then grab the free guide and let's get to this!


Elaine Calloway Elaine Calloway, Writing Teacher of Online Courses

Tiffany has a lot of investment knowledge which is great. I had a Roth & regular 401-k through work and a collection of different options invested thru a broker, but didn't really know many of the terms or what load/no load was, etc.

I thought the explanation of terms was valuable and I learned useful info. The terms helped, knowing what was what and different options. My favorite part was learning about mutual funds and I will begin researching mutual funds more and other private options not associated with my standard 401-k.

The course is a great overview of goals, investing, etc and was a good course to get started. There’s a great overview of investing choices and terms, making sure you have your choices aligned with your goals.

Erica DeLong Erica DeLong, Senior Provider Credentialing Consultant

First of all, I loved the material!  There was so much I didn't know, it is very helpful. I felt like Tiffany explained things well and put it into words people are able to understand.

The summaries at the end of the Modules were a great re-cap. There was a lot of information at times, and to have the summaries at the end was brilliant.

I loved the Modules, period. It was nice to have breaks in between, and go more at my own pace.

I also liked the PDF's that were available to print of each Module. Such a nice perk, and eases the anxiety a little about trying to catch everything during the lecture. Something to have and refer to, even though the lecture is over, is essential for this kind of material, and nice to have the option to read it at my own pace.

There is real potential here to help a lot of people! I loved it!

Cheri James Cheri James, Women's Nutrition & Confidence Coach

Tiffany’s budgeting bootcamp course is exactly what I needed. Budgeting is something I wanted to do but really didn’t know how to go about it and make my money work for me. This course really breaks down the pieces to setting up a budget so it is easy to understand and implement. Her course gave me so much needed information that I am now confident in doing it myself!

Kim Chesney

I was a little bit nervous about starting the Mentoring program. I did not feel confident or feel I had a basis for any of the information I was going to be learning; however, I was excited to start learning about the concepts and principles of investing. I had no clue about investing or what I should be doing. I was participating blindly.

I think the biggest impact for going through the Mentoring program was simply learning what I needed to know to begin investing! It was easy to grasp and I could see where I was lacking as well as where I was surprising doing well for an amateur. It has motivated me to be more aware of my finances and where my money is going. It is also inspired me to analyze my retirement and use different methods other than the 401K my company provides.

My favorite part of the Mentoring program would be the calculator, that was suggested, to determine how many years I needed to work to retire and how much I needed to contribute. I appreciated that it was simple and provided all the information I needed.

My financial knowledge has improved in 3 main ways after going through the mentoring program: 1. I'm more mindful of my budget. 2. I am paying more attention to my 401K and understanding where I need to make adjustments. 3. Beginning to pursue other alternatives to help with being "financially free".

I felt like the information was presented extremely well! It was easy to follow. Tiffany breaks down the material so that it is informative but not overwhelming. The examples provided were straightforward and educational.

The Mentoring program was better than I had anticipated! Tiffany has a talent of explaining complex details  in a simple and unambiguous manner. I felt I gained more than I expected and have a level of self-assurance to manage some of my investments properly.

To be really honest, I felt that the course was structured well! I'm a visual learner and I felt the examples that were provided catered to that learning style.

The mentoring program has a personal touch. There is a level of passion that accompanies the program. I think with both aspects, it presents a program that is unique and helpful. With a field that can be intimidating and frightening to some, Tiffany created an environment that is comfortable where the student can truly learn.

I really enjoyed going through the Mentoring program. It has opened my eyes to possibilities as well as downfalls with my finances. I felt it was tremendously informative. It would be something that I would recommend to anyone that would like to learn about investing.

If you’re thinking about signing up for the program, Do it! It is worth considering and absolutely worth pursuing.

Kim Chesney, Doctor of Audiology

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