3 Investment Items They Didn’t Teach You in College

3 Investment Items

I’m sure we all learned a lot of things in college. Which classes took roll (like my 7am Marketing class, it was hard to get there on time…). How annoyed we were with group projects (people know how to slack off if they know someone else will have to do the work). Where to park so you don’t get a parking ticket (or how to time it right so the parking police would miss your car). Very important stuff. 🙂

There’s also a lot of things we didn’t learn in college, like how to make our money work for us. There’s three elements regarding your money I want to teach you today that may have been overlooked during your college days.

1-What’s a Taxable Online Brokerage Account

I never learned about buying stocks in college, but I was curious about it.

Sure, I took accounting and finance, but never a simple stock buying class.

A taxable online brokerage account is basically like your online bank, only instead of just keeping your money in it, you can place investment orders for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and more.

It’s called ‘Taxable’ because you’ll pay taxes on your investments when you cash them out (when you sell them).

Just set one of those accounts up (I recommend Capital One Investing) and you’ll be able to start purchasing stocks, ETFs, etc whenever you’d like and how many ever you would like. For more info about choosing an online brokerage account, check out my other blog post, 3 Super Simple Steps to Start Investing in Stocks.

2-Take Free Money

You may have learned this lesson outside of your college classes, but I’m going to teach you a little different way to take free money.

A lot of times when your employer has a 401k plan they will also offer what is called a company match.

Essentially what that means is your company will match a percentage of the money you’re putting into your 401k. When you put money in, your company will put money in up to a certain amount.

It’s like your company giving you free money. Take it.

Put in at least what the company match is so you can take the free money.

Ask your HR director about your company’s 401k plan and if they offer a match. If they do offer a match, ask what percentage it is and start investing at least that percentage in your 401k.

Let’s start making some free money.

3-Don’t Save It, Invest It

People always say how important it is to save your money.

And yes, it is important, but it’s also important to invest that saved money.

You can play it “safe” and keep it in your savings account, but that’s not even going to keep up with inflation.

Or you can start investing and have your money start working for you. Actually start earning more than inflation.

You can watch your money grow over time and you’ll be happy you started investing it instead of just saving it.

Although we learned plenty of things in college, learning about investing should have been one of them, but if you’re like me, you didn’t learn about it in college, so now is as good as time as any to start learning about it.

If you would like some help getting started investing your money, check out my 5-Day Workshop: 401k, IRA, what the ETF?! I cover the basics of investing, plus the 10 steps on how to purchase your first stock.

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