3 Tips For Building Your Investing Confidence

Increase Investing Confidence

We as women tend to have a harder time investing than men. Today.com conducted a survey of women about money and it revealed that 82% of respondents feel some level of insecurity about investing.

That’s a pretty high percentage of women that feel insecure about investing and it’s understandable. Investing can seem confusing and overwhelming. Not knowing where to start or what to invest in or how to do it are common themes.

I’d like to help lower that number so here’s 3 tips for building your investing confidence!

1-Increase Your Investing Knowledge

Just expanding your knowledge about investing will help increase your confidence.

You don’t need to know everything, just a few basics. There’s plenty of articles, blog posts, books (here’s one of my favorites), podcasts and more about understanding investing.

Start with listening to a podcast or read a book. I think you can take a break from your favorite Netflix show and read for a couple hours. 🙂

Any investing knowledge you can gain will help to start increase your confidence. Even if it’s just becoming more familiar with the terms.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There’s a lot of women (and men) that don’t understand and by you asking the question, someone else could benefit from hearing/seeing the answer as well.

Just keep learning.

2-Share Your Knowledge

The next tip is to share the knowledge you’re learning. By sharing something we’ve learned the more we’ll be able to retain that information.

How many times have you learned something, but forgot it a short while later? I know I’ve done that plenty of times.

When I share the knowledge with someone else then I am more likely to remember it.

Also, when sharing the knowledge, I am able to make sure I actually understood what I learned. Sometimes I’ll start explaining something to someone and stop myself and think, I don’t even know if that’s right… If we are able to teach what we’ve learned then we’ve gotten a full understanding of it.

As your teaching it to someone else, you’ll be more confident about that knowledge.

If you teach it, you’re more likely to remember it and apply it.

3-Realize There Is No Perfect Investment

We often think we have to get investing perfect or just right. But there’s no such thing as a perfect investment.

Let your confidence increase and your worry decrease because you aren’t on the search for the perfect investment – it doesn’t exist.

There’s a lot of great investments, but no perfect investment (or else we would just have one option and everyone would do it, wouldn’t that be nice?…).

Get going and go with good enough. As we continue to learn, we can continue to improve our investments, so don’t worry about trying to get it perfect, it doesn’t exist, just get started.

Getting started is more than half the battle.

Plus, studies show that those with same allocation (stocks vs bonds) in their investment accounts have received similar results. They may have had different stock or bond funds, but the allocation was the same and the results were as well.

Start increasing and sharing your knowledge today while remembering you’re not on the hunt for the perfect investment. If you’d like help with increasing your knowledge, check out my course, Stock Market Investing Made Simple, which does exactly what it says, makes stock market investing simple.

Share in the comments below whatever knowledge you’ve gained about investing!

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