3 Great Wealth-Focused Benefits of Investing in Yourself

Investing in Yourself

I created a similar blog post focusing on different options for investing, including: Stocks, IRA, 401k, real estate, peer to peer lending and investing in yourself (you can check it out here). Today though, I want to focus on investing in yourself.

Investing in yourself is the most important thing I think we can invest in. If you’re not investing in yourself, then investing in other things won’t really make a difference because you need to start with you.

If you know how to invest in stocks (or how to pick someone to help you invest in stocks), then you’ll do a much better job at investing in stocks than if you just decided to start investing without really knowing how.

Warren Buffett even raves about this. He’s consistently been ranked among the wealthiest people in the world and is considered to be one of the greatest investors ever. He talks about how one Dale Carnegie book changed his life.

“You will never get a better return on life than when you truly invest in yourself.” -Warren Buffett

Investing in Yourself Benefit #1: Setting Better Examples For Those Around Us

I’m a firm believer in continuing to learn and grow, to further your education (and not necessarily at a formal institution) to help not only yourself, but those around you and those that look up to you.

I’m sure you’ve heard the commonly used phrase, ‘you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.’ If we are able to invest in ourselves then we’ll look for those that want to be doing the same. We can help lift up those around us.

If we are hanging around people that aren’t investing in themselves then it makes it more difficult for us to invest in ourselves or set an example for those around us.

So be sure you’re spending time with those that want to be better – you can help set a good example for them, while also having them lift you up – inspire you to be better.

If we are miserable and just sit around complaining all the time then others could follow suit. Negativity can be a strong force. I’d much rather set a positive example for those around me, especially my little nieces and nephews. I want to show them what a happy, joyful, wealthy life looks like and if I’m investing in myself, then I am able to do that. Which leads us to our next benefit of investing in ourselves.

Investing in Yourself Benefit #2: Being Able to Share the Knowledge You’re Gaining With Others

Not only are we showing others how important it is to invest in ourselves, but we are able to share what we are learning with others.

We can become mentors for others. Showing them what’s really important to us and going after it helps inspire others to do the same.

If they have similar interests you do, then you are able to share with them everything you are learning so they can live a wealthy life as well. It’s not about keeping all the knowledge we are learning to ourselves, it’s about sharing it with others. That’s when we really grow. We can teach those around us what we have learned and see it being applied in their lives. We can give back, which creates a wealthy life for us and those you are sharing your knowledge with.

That’s one of the reasons I started my business. I kept seeing my friends or roommates not being able to manage their finances or just not be happy with who they were. I wanted to be able to help them with their finances or whatever they were struggling with. Sometimes I gave advice, but I felt like it wasn’t the full picture, that I could be giving them more. Like a step by step plan to help them. I decided to start my business so that I could organize all of my information in step by step systems to help those that needed it in whatever area of life they were struggling with.

Being able to share the knowledge I have learned in a structured manner means a lot to me because I’m not always able to articulate things on the spot. I like to think about things and share the best knowledge possible. Investing in myself has helped me to be able to do that. Just think of what investing in yourself could do for you and those you surround yourself with.

People are always asking me how I’ve been able to buy 3 properties, to travel when I want and be so positive and happy all the time. I love sharing my knowledge with others so they can have their desires fulfilled as well.

Investing in Yourself Benefit #2: Become an All-Around Better Person

We are happier when we are investing in ourselves because we are learning about things we want to be learning about. Not only are we happier, but we are smarter.

If we aren’t investing in ourselves then what’s the point of it all? Signing up for a group business coaching program was one of the best things I’ve done. I got my MBA a few years back, and although it was beneficial, the program included things I wasn’t really interested in learning about. I was just so much more excited to sign up for this business coaching program. I wanted to learn how to further my own business and everything I’m learning has to do with exactly that.

I had been trying to get my own business going, but just wasn’t being consistent and didn’t know what order to do things or where to focus my time. But with starting this business program, things are laid out for me so I know exactly where to start, what I should be focusing on that week – and I can actually see the progress I’m making. I also have someone to be accountable to, which makes a huge difference.

I was being accountable to my mom before, which was nice of her to do, but she had no idea what I was talking about when would tell her I was setting up a membership site, creating my own Facebook group, setting up landing pages, etc. Being able to invest in myself through this business coaching program has made a world of difference.

I feel like investing in something you are passionate about is one of the best things you can do for yourself – you’re excited to learn about it and actually implement the things you are learning.

Just to give another example, I started reading investing books, gaining investing knowledge, then set up my own investing funds and started buying stocks. I went on a date with this guy (a really cute guy, by the way, not that it matters) and he asked what I like to do. I mentioned reading. He asked what I had been reading and I told him about an investing book I was reading. His follow up question was, ‘Are you applying what you’re learning or just reading it.’ I was happy to tell the cute guy I was applying the things I was learning. It’s because I was passionate about it and knew by continuing to invest in myself – continuing to learn – that I could be successful in whatever I put my mind to and focused on.

Sometimes it seems like a lot of people just keep with status quo. They are good with their current job, their current surroundings and things seem to be going okay. Which I guess if they are fully satisfied, then good for them. I just feel like we can get a lot more out of life and find so much more joy by investing in ourselves – continuing to progress in this life. The only thing we can take with us in the next life are the things we have learned. And what better way to learn than to invest in yourself.

Hopefully the benefits I’ve mentioned above help motivate you to invest in yourself.

What have you been wanting to learn about? What does investing in yourself look like for you? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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