3 Chill Wealthy Minded Steps to Fall Asleep Fast & Easily Write Content

Fall Asleep Quickly

Lately, I’ve noticed that I have been able to fall asleep quickly. Some nights I would just lay there and keep thinking about everything, and I mean everything. From guys to work stuff to what I’m going to wear tomorrow to why I didn’t make a phone call I should have, etc, etc, etc. But that hasn’t happened to me for awhile, which I am super glad about, and and I’ve figured out why. A little while ago, I listened to this webinar by Melissa Pharr (she has great, great info by the way and I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing this) about the steps she takes to write content. So I started applying her steps to create my content. Since I’ve been using those steps, I fall asleep fast. I’m sure you’re wondering how these two go hand in hand, so let me explain. ?

Steps for Writing Content Easily (And Falling Asleep Quickly)

Melissa Pharr’s steps for writing content are essentially: (1) to write down what is happening in your life right now, (2) write down the lessons you are learning from what’s happening in your life right now, and lastly (3) make those lessons relevant to your audience so you can create content for them.

I used to be a journal writer, but I just haven’t done that for quite awhile. Now, every night, I follow Melissa’s steps for creating content. Before I go to bed, I pull out my phone, open my Google Keep app and type in (or use the microphone button to speak it, cause it’s hard to type in bed sometimes) what has happened that day, then I type in the lessons I learned from what has happened and then write how I could relate it to my audience (to you). Since I’ve been doing this, I haven’t had a problem going right to sleep at night.

I feel a purpose for writing each night now, where before, when I was writing in my journal, it was just kind of something for me to look back on and re-read when I wanted to reminisce about the past or recall when I did something. Which is nice, but with having a greater purpose for writing what’s going on in my life, I have been more apt to do it, so it’s really a win win (win). I’m writing what’s happening in my life so I can look back on it, I get to sleep quickly and I have content to write about for you.

By writing (typing, speaking, whateves) each night, I feel like I get everything off my mind so I’m not lying there continuously thinking about everything that happened that day and how I should have done something differently or worrying about something I didn’t do. Just writing it all out gets it all off my chest and out of my head. And I can see what I’ve learned that day, which is rewarding in and of itself.

So let’s review the steps to help you fall asleep fast and write content easily. Each night pull out your journal or Google Keep app or whatever you like to use to take notes, then:

  1. Write down what has happened that day or things that are happening in your life.
  2. Write down lessons you are learning from those experiences.
  3. Write down how it is relevant to your audience or clients or whomever you are interacting with.

After you’ve completed these steps, you can easily turn your content into email messages, blog posts, videos, podcasts, whatever you’d like, so you can provide others with your insights. Bonus!

Granted, if you’re not interested in creating content for others, you can still apply the first two steps to be able to fall asleep quickly. Just getting things off your mind by writing them down will help your brain be able to relax more at night because it isn’t trying to process everything that happened that day; you’ve released those thoughts onto paper (or into an app), so your brain can take a break.

What are some ways you’ve been able to easily create content or fall asleep quickly? I’d love it if you’d share in the comments below!

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