3 Killer Wealthy Mindset Tips to Help You Not Regret Your Decisions and Stop Wasting Time Worrying About Things Out of Your Control

Not Regret Your Decisions

Ever get frustrated with people not being clear on what they are saying (or meaning)? Ever just want to say, are you kiddin’ me, did you really mean what you just said? Well, I had those feelings yesterday and I want to share with you the wealthy mindset tips I utilized.

So, I had a meeting yesterday with my boss at work. He told me that my co-workers are working hard and working their full hours, which left the implication that I wasn’t. I just thought, he can’t mean that I’m not working as hard as others. I didn’t know what to say to him without getting upset, so I just continued to listen. I didn’t want to jump to conclusions or make assumptions that may not be true.

I thought about his statement after the meeting and immediately decided I would ask him to clarify tomorrow (I had another meeting to rush to). I could have easily gotten upset and accused him of saying I was a terrible worker, but since I was able to think before I acted and then decided how I would handle the situation, I was able to let it go. I stopped worrying about it, knowing I’d get clarification tomorrow. That isn’t to say that I didn’t think about it later, but when I did think about it again, I reminded myself that I’d talk to him tomorrow.

Killer Wealthy Mindset Tip #1 – Think before you act.

Since I was able to hold my tongue, there were no harsh words spoken (or tears shed, because I can be kind of cryer sometimes…) and there wouldn’t need to be apologies spoken later on. No regrets about deciding to keep my cool and not get upset. I expand on this in my previous post, 8 Tips for Being Positive.

Killer Wealthy Mindset Tip #2 – Don’t make assumptions.

I could have easily assumed he was saying I was a crappy worker because he only mentioned that my co-workers were working hard, but in actuality he never literally said, ‘Tiff, you’re a crappy worker.’ Making assumptions just seems to get people into trouble, which leads us to the next tip.

Killer Wealthy Mindset Tip #3 – Get clarification.

I could continue to worry about this and think that, not only does my boss think I’m a crappy worker, but my whole office thinks I’m a crappy worker and they don’t even want me there. So, instead, I decided to get clarification on what my boss meant by that statement. I didn’t want to have to be worrying about that every day when I go into the office. We shouldn’t have to worry about things outside of our control (let alone, those things within our control). I have plenty of more valuable things to spend my time thinking about (like what I should wear on my date). If you haven’t already, check out my earlier post on one of my favorite books, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, there are some great tips even if you’re not a big worrier.

There you have it, 3 Killer Wealthy Mindset Tips to help you not regret your decisions and stop wasting time worrying about things out of your control.

What are some tips that have helped you to not regret your decisions and stop worrying?

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