4 Painless Wealthy Minded Actions to Become More Physically Appealing and Impress Your Dates

Impress Your Date

We all wish we were better in some way in the physical sense, right? I wish I was – fill in the blank – skinnier, prettier, had better hair, did my makeup better, etc, etc, etc. We can all have our wish list, but let’s take some painless wealthy-minded actions to become more physically appealing and impress our dates while we’re doing it. 🙂

When I was on a date the other night, my date pointed out some things that he thought were great about me, so I’m going to share with them you and I want you to think, are these things I can implement or what are some other simple things I can be doing to improve my physical side. I’m not sharing these things to brag (I’m not perfect at them), I’m sharing them to give you some ideas of what you could do and hopefully spark some things that you can start doing to improve physically.

Physical Improvement #1: Cut Back on Soda

As we sat down for dinner at the restaurant, the waitress, of course, came over and asked what we’d like to drink. I ordered water and my date ordered a soda. The waitress walked away and he asked if I drank soda and I told him, not really. He said, ‘That’s really good actually.’

So physical improvement #1 is to cut back on the soda (or sody pop, as my co-worker calls it, which I’m still not sure why, he doesn’t have an accent…). I’m sure we’ve all heard soda isn’t good for us, so I’ll just share one main reason why it’s a good idea to give up soda. It’s counterproductive to weight loss. It’s extra calories you’re drinking. Even if you’re drinking diet soda, the diet soda actually makes you crave something sweet, so if you cut back, it means you won’t be eating extra calories.

In order to cut back on soda, think of a key motivator for doing this – weight loss, to be healthier overall, save money, etc. When you’re tempted to get a soda, try to remember your motivating factor for not getting one and get a water with a lemon instead, if you need a little flavor.

Also, decide ahead of time that you won’t order a soda. If you’re headed to a restaurant, make the decision before you even get there, so when the time arises, you won’t be as tempted to order a soda.

Physical Improvement #2: Cut Back Where You Can

I was eating a piece of blueberry sour cream pie (so delicious by the way). The piece of pie had a whole lotta whipped cream on top, so I just scraped the majority off to the side. My date mentioned that he liked the fact that I didn’t eat it. I just scraped it off so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat it with the pie.

So physical improvement #2, cut back where you can. If there’s something extra, like whipped cream or mayo, that you can scrape to the side or just leave it in the container, then do it. You could even order it without the extra toppings. It’s extra calories that we don’t really need and the blueberry sour cream pie still tasted so delicious!!

Once again, think of a key motivation for cutting back on extra calories – maintaining weight, losing weight, being physically healthier overall, etc. So when you’re tempted to eat some extra calories, you can think of your motivating factor. Little calories here and there still add up, so cut back where you can.

Physical Improvement #3: Have Good Posture

As the waitress brought our meals out to our table, I sat up straight to start eating. My date immediately noticed and followed suit. He smiled and said, ‘I need to work on my posture.’

Physical improvement #3, have good posture. I get complimented (or at least a comment is made) on this quite frequently. There’s definitely lots of benefits from having good posture (especially health benefits), but two benefits I want to point out. Those with good posture are more attractive and look smarter.

I’m not kidding, it adds this instant confidence to people. Try it right now, slouch over your computer for a few seconds. Now sit up tall and straight, how do you feel? More professional, more confident – like you know what you’re doing.

People notice when someone has good posture. Trust me – if people are constantly commenting that I have good posture, it’s not something that everyone has. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I slouch, but I’ve made a conscious effort to try not to slouch and it has come more naturally to me over the years.

Come up with a motivating factor for you to have good posture, so next time you’re tempted to slouch, try to remember your motivating factor. It could be to exude more confidence, looks smarter, to be more attractive to others, or simply to help improve your physical health.

Physical Improvement #4: Eat Slower

As we were finishing our meals, my date was done before I was. He gave me a hard time about not eating all of my meal (of course, jokingly).  I just take my time eating because eating slower helps me to not overeat.

Physical Improvement #4, eat slower. It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to realize that you’re full. If you’re eating so fast that you’re not allowing your mind to catch up, 20 minutes later your stomach isn’t going to feel good. Leisurely eating gives your brain time to trigger the signal that you’re full, so you’ll eat less.

Hopefully these are some helpful actions that you can implement in your life to be more physically appealing and impress your dates.

What are some simple suggestions you have to become more physically appealing?

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