4 Straightforward Wealthy Minded Ways To Be Helpful and Improve Your Morale

Helping Others Improve

Who doesn’t want to be helpful? Maybe sometimes we don’t, but it sure boosts our morale when we are. ?

So I’m under contract for another place (super exciting!) and realized that I have A LOT of stuff, which means I’m going to need A LOT of boxes. I remembered my mom had told me she picked up boxes free from the LDS Distribution Center awhile ago. I called my mom to see if that was accurate; if they were still giving away free boxes. I was just thinking, I could call one of the Distribution Centers near my house and see if they give away boxes. When I asked my mom if that’s where she got boxes before, she immediately said yes and asked me if I wanted her to pick up some boxes. I thought that was so nice of her. I accepted her offer and was grateful she just offered right away to pick up boxes for me.

Also, I was suppose to go out with this guy, we’ll call him Pete. He called to tell me that his car died earlier in the day and he was trying to fix it. I offered to drive on our date, without him having to ask me. He was grateful and it wasn’t awkward. I didn’t tease him about his car not working, I just immediately offered to drive. I was glad I did and didn’t really mind doing it either.

As I thought about these two experiences, I started thinking about how sometimes we become so self-involved, we forget to think about others and their needs. I feel like we can do more and do it willingly, not grudgingly. The more you’re willing to help someone without being asked, the more grateful people will be and the better you’ll feel. Plus, people will be more willing to help you later on.

People can see that you’re being genuine in wanting to help them when you offer to help, especially even before they ask. Thinking about others’ needs before yourself will help you to become a wealthier person overall. Having that willingness to do things for others immediately shows you care about them and that you’re not selfish. It helps to improve your overall morale.

Here’s 4 straightforward ways to be more helpful, have people be grateful for you and improve your own morale.

#1. When you see a need, immediately offer to help without being asked. It doesn’t have to be huge; it can be holding the door open for someone. Be aware of your surroundings and what people might be needing help with. And, it just makes you feel good inside when you offer to help without being asked.

For example, this guy I went out with noticed that a plastic piece in my car was starting to fall off, so he offered to fix it. It’s that simple. He was paying attention to his surroundings, saw a need and offered to help.

#2. Make sure to NOT point out the fact that they need help. Being helpful doesn’t include putting others down or making them feel uncomfortable. People don’t usually like to ask for help and it can sometimes be embarrassing for them, so if you want to really help them and make them feel good, avoid teasing or making a big deal out of helping them. It helps to keep your own morale up because there’s not that uncomfortable feeling you get when you said something you shouldn’t have. ?

There was this time I was at work and my co-worker couldn’t figure out something pretty simple (or at least I thought it was pretty simple) on his computer. He asked our IT guy for help. Our IT guy went over and showed him how do fix what was wrong on his computer without being sarcastic about how it was an easy fix or that he was stupid for not being able to figure it out. He just went over and helped him without making him feel stupid. It would have made everyone around the guy uncomfortable if the IT guy had made fun of him, so I was glad he didn’t and I’m sure my co-workers was glad as well.

It’s not helpful to make someone else worry about having to be helped.

#3. Be creative. Think about ways you could help someone else and actually do offer to help them. When you come up with a unique, helpful idea, you feel pretty smart and we all like to feel smart.

I offered to share my blog post about Controlling Your Financial Destiny with one of my friends because she wasn’t sure what type of life insurance policy to get.

For another example, you could offer to do an evaluation of their site to give suggestions for improvements if you’re in the business of website building.

Or do some pro bono work for someone that might be struggling in your area of expertise.

There’s lots of ways to help people, we just have to think of our skills and how we can use them to help others.

#4. Last, but not least, just talk to people. Make an effort to get to know someone so you can know what they need help with.

I was texting one of my friends and she mentioned that her grandma passed away. I never would have known that if I hadn’t messaged her or reached out to her. We can easily find things to help others with if we are keeping in touch with people.

We could just stay in our little bubble and wait for people to come to us, but it’s much better to reach out people. It makes them feel good and makes you feel good.

These are just a few ways to be helpful and boost your own morale. What are some ways you’ve seen people be helpful or ways that you’ve been able to help others? Share in the comments below.

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