Hey there,

I’m Tiffany Thomas, a financially savvy single woman that knows how to make her money work for her and loves helping others do the same.

I haven’t always known the best way to invest my money. I’ll be honest, I used to spend quite a bit of money on clothes and shoes, things that weren’t really fulfilling or helping me create the financial freedom I desire. I knew I should be investing my money and time more wisely.

Once I decided what was really important to me, I’ve been able to use my money to invest in wealth building assets like my own home, rental properties, stocks, different investing accounts and my own business. Finances and investing have always been something I'm passionate about.

Not only have I been able to start investing my money more wisely, but my time as well.

I’ve been able to set goals I didn’t think I’d ever achieve, like being able to quit my full-time 9-5 job to pursue my passion.

Empowering individuals to build wealth so they can achieve financial freedom.


I get questions from my girlfriends, and guy friends, all the time about where I put my money and how I’ve been able to purchase 3 properties and still take vacations I want (like to Israel in 2015--my most favorite trip). I love helping people invest their money and time to build the wealth they desire to get on the path to financial freedom.

Looking at my cute little 2-year-old niece, I’m reminded how important it is to create a world where we are financially empowered and take the initiative to know the best ways to invest our time and money. She has helped my want to be an even better role model and help others, especially women, learn to invest without the worry, fear or doubt that we, as women, succumb to way too often.

If you want financial freedom and just aren’t sure where to start I’ll help you discover wealth building strategies for investing in the stock market, real estate, your own business and most importantly, investing in yourself. Improving your habits, having a wealthy mindset and being able to live a wealthy balanced life which isn’t focused only on money.

I like how Henry David Thoreau defines wealth: “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”

If we are only focusing on investing our money and not investing in ourselves we won’t be living a truly fulfilled life. Money can buy things, but if we aren’t happy with what we already have, we never will be happy. It’s about finding joy in the journey to financial freedom.

I’m happy to be your wealth mentor along your path of wealth building to financial freedom.

If you’re curious, why me, why should you let me be your wealth mentor? I’m not a financial advisor or certified financial planner. I am like you, a regular person and if I can build wealth, so can you! I’m not going to be teaching investing in a complicated or overwhelming way. I don't have an ulterior motive to have you invest in things I don't think would make sense for you. I just make it as simple as possible. I believe 'wealth made simple' is the best route.

Here’s a little more about me regarding my investing.

I am the founder of Wealthy Tiffany, LLC - a wealth empowerment business helping individuals build wealth to achieve financial freedom.

The 4 main areas of wealth building I focus on are investing in: yourself, your own business, the stock market and real estate.

After I realized I needed to figure out this investing ‘stuff,’ I started researching the best ways to do that.

In 2002 I started just by investing in a 401k. It was a good beginning.

In 2005 (right before the housing market increase), I purchased my very first property (a cute townhouse in the perfect location)! I got some roommates to help pay my mortgage (and they were fun to hang out with, bonus!).

In June 2009, I got a new job and set up my Roth 401k there. I was able to make 16.18% rate of return as of Feb 2017. I've since rolled that into my Roth IRA and Traditional IRA because I decided to quit my 9-5 and focus on my own business full-time!

In 2013, I began the bold adventure of  investing in individual stocks, my most profitable investment yet. As of Sept 2017, I've made 100.01% rate of return on my investments (if I were to cash them all out).

I set up a traditional IRA in 2014. I rolled over a 401k from my previous employer into that.

In March 2014, I decided to start my blog.

As I continued to get savvier, I set up a Roth IRA in 2015. I started rolling some of my Traditional IRA into my Roth (being careful about taxes). As of Sept 2017, my rate of return on my Roth & Traditional IRA combined is 12.8%.

Also in 2015 I decided to purchase a rental property, my 2nd property!

I find real estate investing to be a great way to invest so I purchased my 3rd property in 2016, moved into that and am renting out the 1st property I bought along with my 2nd property. I love having passive income from rentals.

In October 2016, I decided to expand my investing assets even more by turning my blog into a wealth mentoring business (where you are now!).

Along my entire journey, I’ve been investing in myself, especially focusing on self development & improvement.

I listen to podcasts, read books, ask questions from mentors, joined a group coaching program, had coaching sessions, etc, etc.

I’ve always been known as the positive one in my group of friends. I believe our mindset is the biggest part of who we become and finding joy in the journey.

Having the mindset to fully enjoy what we already have (even if we feel what we have is small or meager) is important.

The reason my brand is titled 'Wealthy Tiffany” (besides the fact that it flows nicely together, haha) is because it’s a great affirmation to me. I am wealthy and we can all be wealthy with the right mindset, tools and help along the way.

So insert your own name after Wealthy, 'Wealthy Melanie,' Wealthy Erica,' 'Wealthy Camille.' Doesn't it have a nice ring to it? It's an easy way to reaffirm yourself you are wealthy - in all aspects of life.

We are are working to build not only our financial wealth, but to be consciously aware of our current wealth in all aspects of life and continuing to improve.

This would include relationships, our spirituality, how we feel about our physical side, what we really believe about ourselves and plenty more.

I’ve been able to build wealth and my mission is to teach you what I’ve learned. To empower you with confidence and clarity to create the wealth you desire so you can live your life to the fullest and achieve financial freedom.

My coach always said, simple creates wealth. I teach simple ways to invest in the 4 main wealth building areas. Building wealth doesn’t need to be complicated, I’ve found simple ways to do it and can’t wait to share them with you.

I’d love to connect and be of help to you. The best way for us to do that is by you becoming an insider, right here.

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Building wealth 'simply' to achieve financial freedom... You with me?

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