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Tired of searching for everything online business related under the sun, reading through so many posts, only to find you’re NOT finding exactly what you’re looking for? Or better yet, that you’ve just wasted hours reading through stuff that you didn’t really need to read through? I’ve wasted so much time searching the internet for the best social media resources, great internet marketing tips and lots of other blogging, online business related items. Well, I’ve found a great solution (the Knowtbook) and I’m going to share it with you!


I’ve been following Amy Lynn Andrews (author of Tell Your Time) since I started blogging over a year ago (that sounds a bit stalkerish, but it’s more like flattery ;)). I signed up for her ‘Useletter,’ her version of a newsletter and I love it. She’s reliable and keeps things succinct and organized – it comes every Saturday morning filled with great online business/blogging/social media/working from home tips (plus bonus items like new fonts) all in an easy to read format. She searches for the best online business / blogging information out there and then gives her readers the best tips and resources. She adds in a little personal touch as well, which is nice because it’s nice to see the human, relatable side of people. While having all of this information in my email is valuable, I decided it would be even better to have it all (plus more) in one document.


Amy Lynn Andrews created a ‘Knowtbook’ (pronounced, ‘notebook;’ for the longest time, I thought it was pronounced, ‘naughty-book’ (with a proper English accent) and couldn’t figure out why…haha). This has all of the best online business, social media, blogging, work from home, internet marketing (and more) resources and tips all in one place. It includes everything she’s sent out in her Useletter, plus great extras. And the best part is – she continues to update it. When she finds a better or more useful post about social media, she updates it and you have access to it right away! I recently purchased it, (for only $24, which is a steal of deal considering all of the content that’s inside and that it’s kept up-to-date), and don’t regret it. We know how fast things change online and it’s nice to have the latest, most up-to-date information.

I’ve looked at a lot of programs, some that are $200-$300, some that are even thousands of dollars, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend that (maybe sometime in the future I’ll consider it). I’ve seen programs that are in the $20-$40 range, but they are specific to one part of building your online business, or increasing your Pinterest followers, or starting a blog – they don’t cover all aspects of online business or blogging. That’s just another reason I love the Knowtbook; it covers all aspects online business, social media, blogging, internet marketing and working from home. It’s not specific to just one small aspect, you get a variety of helpful resources and tips for a very small price. Plus, she’s great about sharing other people’s content – if there’s a fantastic post on someone else’s blog about creating the best content, then she’ll share the link. It’s not all about her and her info and her products being the best – she gives you what actually is the best, even when it’s not from her directly. She’s looking out for the reader’s best interest.

Amy’s Knowtbook resides in a program called Workflowy (which I started using myself awhile ago, but haven’t gotten too much content in there yet). It’s free to sign up for Workflowy, so there’s no extra cost there. It’s simple to use; Workflowy is basically a simple outline format. Amy keeps the online business resources, blogging resources, social media resources, tips, etc, organized in a simple categorized outline fashion. It’s more of an interactive solution rather than just reading a book. She is the queen of organization, I’d say. ? Things make sense where they are and it’s easy to navigate. There’s a search field which comes in handy.

For example, if you’re looking to improve your social media presence on Facebook, just search for Facebook and click on which item fits best. If you want to find the fonts she recommends, just type in fonts in the search field and they’ll show up. Amy’s Knowtbook very easy to use and very valuable.

Amy Lynn Andrews Knowtbook Review

Here’s just a few of the categories Amy covers: Making money, learning your craft, email marketing, productivity, time management, networking and more. She keeps things to the point and doesn’t add in unnecessary fluff, which is great because you’re not wasting time reading through a lot of unimportant details – you can find exactly what you’re looking for quickly.

I think one of the main reasons I like her Knowtbook so much is because we are very similar. We like things organized, neat, clean, simple to use. So not only is the information valuable, but the way it’s organized makes it simple for me to use.

Since I’ve purchased Amy Lynn Andrews Knowtbook, I’ve cut back on my internet search time – which is great because now I can spend more time writing valuable content rather than just searching all over for it. I’d highly recommend you get your copy of the Knowtbook, here and just as a bonus, if you don’t like it or it’s not your style, she has a full money back guarantee within 30 days – no questions asked! People, can it get any better?… I don’t think so!

Now that I’ve given my raving review, do you have Amy Lynn Andrews Knowtbook? What do you think of it?

Or what are some of your favorite online business programs out there?

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