3 Uplifting Wealthy Ways to Be of Good Cheer and Change Your Outlook For Good

Be of Good Cheer

Get your dose of good cheer today! Ever feel like you’ve had enough? That things just aren’t going the way you thought they would and you start to get down on yourself? We’ve all been there, so I’m going to share three uplifting wealthy ways to be of good cheer and change your outlook for good that I learned at a fireside by Kristen M. Oaks (author of A Single Voice).

1)Have Faith

Having faith may sound cliche or just a cop out, but honestly, having faith that God has a plan for you and he wants you to be happy is the most comforting thing you’ll have.

We need to have childlike faith. Children are so teachable and humble, they immediately trust their fathers here on earth; we can learn from them to trust our Heavenly Father, as they trust their earthly fathers.

The greatest task we will have in this life is to learn the will of God and actually do it.

We have a Heavenly Father that loves us; he will definitely provide a way for us to accomplish what we need to in this life.

“The future is as bright as your faith.” -Thomas S. Monson, President LDS Church

Be a covenant making person. God has made promises to us if we keep certain covenants. We will be the one to break them, not him. Know that you can trust in God.

Social and spiritual, two of the dimensions of wellness, are closely tied together. We can increase our spiritual strength by serving those around us.

You are given opportunities to be prepared for those whom you will serve. These opportunities may not be what we would expect. They could be things like, divorce, death of a loved one, sickness, etc. By going through some of these experiences, we will be better prepared to help those around us. Nurturing and caring hearts will help us now, but also prepare us for our role of parenthood in the eternities.

The words we say will help those around us. Christ expects each one of us to stand by one another. He provided the perfect example for us, even when he was persecuted.

The stronger our faith, the stronger our testimony will be. We’ve got to have some heart. We won’t realize how strong our faith is until it’s tested – that’s when reality will hit – that’s why it’s so important to continue to build our faith.

“Courage is not simply one of the virtues but the form of every virtue at the testing point, which means at the point of highest reality. ” -C.S. Lewis

2)Keep the Right Perspective

Do a reality check. What really brings you true happiness? Is it that brand new car you’ve been wanting or is it spending time with your nieces and nephews?

Maintaining perspective on what really brings happiness will keep us in check.

Also, check in with God. Praying to see what he wants you to be doing, then listening and accepting, will help you to focus more on the eternal perspective of life. It’s often too easy to be consumed with what’s happening in the moment, rather than taking a step back to see what’s really important.

Don’t ask, what am I doing wrong? Ask, what more can I do that is right? We all are doing things right, we just need to be doing more of those things.

When you’re discouraged, don’t settle. For example, when I was dating a particular guy, I just kept thinking, I don’t want to get back into the dating scene, but deep down I knew it wasn’t right for me to keep dating him. I was glad I didn’t settle. I know I would not be as happy as I am now if I did settle. We all get discouraged for one reason or another, but it’s not a reason to give up on something better that’s in store for us.

Spiritual strength is knowing and understanding our divine identity as children of God. This is a comforting thought – knowing we are like God; we are all his children. There is definitely power and strength in knowing where we came from and our potential.

Salvation is not a cheap experience. It was never easy for Christ, why should it be easy for us? We can’t just float through life; we need to be grounded in our faith and have purpose if we are to be of good cheer.

We volunteered for our lives. We agreed to certain trials in our lives. Remember that perspective, especially during the trials. Think of what can be learned from each trial, even if it is just that you now have the ability to help others.

3)Live After the Manner of Happiness

Prepare to live after the manner of happiness, as the Nephites in the scriptures. I have a separate post about What Brings Happiness.

Reading the scriptures will drive out emotionless unhappiness. There is great power in reading the words of prophets and a lot we can learn about being of good cheer.

Know that negative thoughts are not borne of God, they are placed there by Satan. Replace them with thoughts that make you happy. I instantly think of my niece when I need a pick me up – she’s the cutest! (For real, the cutest.)

Become anxiously engaged in a good cause. Find something you enjoy doing and do it. I’ve loved starting this blog, I’ve been able to share things I’ve learned and I get to continue learning. It’s so much better than just spending my time watching TV, feeling like I’ve wasted the whole night.

Real princesses save themselves. If you’re wasting time, figure out what you could be doing to improve your life and do it. No one is going to make you better, you have to want it and act on it.

Find opportunities for service. Honestly, losing ourselves in service, makes us lose our unhappiness. It’s just like on Friends, when Joey tells Phoebe there’s no selfless good deed. I’m not saying we’re selfish, but that someone always feels good after doing service, even Phoebe couldn’t prove that wrong. ?

Just a little background on Kristen M. Oaks. She was single until she married Elder Oaks in her 50’s. So when she says, ‘If we can’t take it as single people, we can’t handle it as married people,’ I believe her.

We need to be happy with who we are right now; nothing can make us happy, it’s up to us to choose to be happy.

Have a little faith, keep an eternal perspective and practice the ways to get rid of unhappiness so you can be of good cheer.

What did I miss? How else can we be of good cheer? Share in the comments below.

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