Beginner's Guide to Financial Freedom at 40

5x2 Financial Freedom Framework

Step #1 Mindset

It all starts in the mind.

1. Believe you will achieve financial freedom.

Believing you will achieve financial freedom is the key that opens up the possibility of becoming financially free when you desire.


Every day, start saying: "I will become financially free." or "I am financially free."

Feel into the emotions when you say those words. Start to get excited!

2. Know why you want financial freedom.

Know your purpose behind becoming financially free to help you when times get hard.


  • Spend more time with family.
  • Be home when my kids get home from school.
  • Travel the world.
  • Volunteer at animal shelter.
  • Donate to favorite charity.
  • Invert tithing. (Pay 90% of income to your church instead of 10%.)
  • Not feel stressed about money.
  • Never go into debt again.


Create a 'why statement' for becoming financially free.

Read your 'why statement' every day.

Read Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:

i am financially free

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Beginner's Guide to Financial Freedom at 40

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