Giveaway – WIN $500 Apple Stock

Tiffany Thomas Giveaway - FREE $500 Apple Stock

It’s time for a giveaway! I want you to start investing so much, I’m giving you my money to start investing! Enter to win $500 in Apple stock. You’ll be emailed a gift certificate to redeem your stock (you can even choose another available stock if Apple isn’t your thing) with Stockpile. You can get…

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Double Your Money with the Rule of 72 (Video)

Double Your Money with the Rule of 72

How to double your money faster with the rule of 72. If you’re wondering how long it will take to double your money, I’ll show you a simple money formula to figure out how long it will take to double your money in the video. I’m also showing you the power of compound interest (your…

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Financial Freedom Pics & Motivational Quotes

Financial Freedom Pictures & Motivational Quotes

Financial freedom pics with motivational quotes to help you get motivated and stay motivated on your path to financial freedom. I chose some of my favorite motivational quotes and put them with pretty cool pictures so you can watch the video when you’re struggling with money problems or even life problems to hopefully give you…

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3 Things to Never do With Your Money (Video)

3 things to never do with your money if you want to be financially free

3 Things to Never do With Your Money Here’s 3 things to never do with your money if you want to be successful with your money. It’s time to be smart with your money so I’m sharing what not do with your money and then what to do if you are doing these things. I…

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Become a Millionaire with $5 a Day (Video)

Become a millionaire (or financially free) with $5 a day

How to become a Millionaire with $5 a day. In the video I show you how it doesn’t take a lot of money to become a millionaire. You need to start investing your money as early as possible so you can take advantage of compound interest. Check out the video for all of the details.…

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Why You Will Never Be Financially Free (Video)

Why you will never be financially free

Why You Will Never Be Financially Free – 4 Reasons People Stay Broke In the video I share 4 things people do that will make it so they never achieve financial freedom. We want to make sure we are doing the things that will help us achieve financial freedom instead of doing the opposite! Watch…

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Do I Need An HSA – Health Savings Account (Video)

Do I need an HSA (health savings account)?

Wondering what an HSA is? If you should set one up? What the benefits of an HSA are? And where to set up an HSA? Watch the video above for answers to all of your HSA questions!

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Setup HSA Account Tutorial (Video)

Set up an HSA Tutorial

Thinking about setting up an HSA (Health Savings Account)? Let me give you a complete step by step tutorial on setting up your HSA (Health Savings Account) with Lively. Watch the video above for you HSA tutorial. Keep in mind, an HSA is different from FSA (flex spending account). An FSA is a use-it-or-lose-it type…

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How to Invest $1,000 (Video)

How to Invest $1,000

There’s a lot of people that have money in savings and aren’t sure what to do with it. In the video, I share 4 ways to invest $1,000. If you want to know how to achieve financial freedom you’ll need to know how to invest your money in the best ways possible and that’s what…

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Setup a Brokerage Account Tutorial (Video)

How to open a brokerage account tutorial

Wondering how to buy and sell stocks? The first step is to set up a brokerage account – basically an online account where you can trade (buy and sell) stocks, index funds and ETFs. Watch the video above to get the step by step tutorial on how to set up a Capital One Investing brokerage…

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