3 Tips For Building Your Investing Confidence

Increase Investing Confidence

We as women tend to have a harder time investing than men. Today.com conducted a survey of women about money and it revealed that 82% of respondents feel some level of insecurity about investing. That’s a pretty high percentage of women that feel insecure about investing and it’s understandable. Investing can seem confusing and overwhelming.…

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Top 4 Reasons Why Investing Is Less Risky Than Saving Your Money

Investing is Less Risky than Saving

Investing is risky business (just like Tom Cruise, so I’ve heard). But saving is risky business as well and I believe it’s even more risky than investing. I’ll give you four reasons why investing is less risky than saving. 1-More Purchasing Power We always want more power, right?! Kind of like how Wonder Woman increased…

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How Investing Today Could Make You $100,000 in One Year

Investing Could Make You 100k

People say investing is scary or overwhelming, but I say what’s really scary is NOT investing. The longer we put off investing, the less money we are actually making (and I’m not talking about trading time for money, this is your money making you money). Let’s talk about making your money make money for you…

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4 Simple Steps to Get Started Investing

Where to start investing

This is what I hear a lot, “I want to invest, but I just don’t know where to start. I don’t even really know how much I need to start investing.” Let me help you know where to start and how much it will cost you to get started investing. There’s one assumption I’m making…

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How Aggressive Should You Be With Your Portfolio?

How Aggressive to Be

Not sure how aggressive or conservative to be with your investments? It is a tricky subject so let me help you understand what goes into how aggressive you should be. Deciding how to aggressive or risky to be with your investments can be based upon a number of factors. Today we are going to take…

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3 Important Considerations For Your Portfolio

Investment Portfolio

So what exactly is a portfolio? An investment portfolio is your collection of investments. These include different asset classes such as stocks, bonds, cash, real estate, commodities, etc. You could even break these asset classes into sub-asset classes, such as large cap stocks, international stocks, technology stocks, short-term bonds, etc. Your investment portfolio should be…

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3 Investment Items They Didn’t Teach You in College

3 Investment Items

I’m sure we all learned a lot of things in college. Which classes took roll (like my 7am Marketing class, it was hard to get there on time…). How annoyed we were with group projects (people know how to slack off if they know someone else will have to do the work). Where to park…

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Top 5 Wealth-Minded Reasons to Start Investing Today & Make Your Money Work For You

Start Investing Today

You may not realize it yet, but you’re losing money if you’re not investing money. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, investing should be at the top of your list. You can start investing with a very small amount and starting now is the…

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3 Legit Reasons I Like Investing in Individual Stocks

Paper Asset Investing Series: Post #5 This is the last post in my paper asset investing series (essentially stock market investing)! I hope they’ve been helpful in gaining a better understanding about investing in the stock market. You can check out the other 4 posts here: Post #4: 401k, IRA, Roth – Which Is Best…

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401k, IRA, Roth – Which Is Best For You?

401k IRA Roth

Paper Asset Investing Series: Post #4 I’m doing a paper asset investing series (essentially stock market investing) and in today’s post we are covering different investing platforms. Check out the other 3 posts here: Post #3: Understand and Reduce Your Investing Anxiety Post #2: The Most Important Thing To Know Before You Ever Start Investing Post #1: Top…

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