Double Your Credit Card Cashback #shorts

Double Your Credit Card Cashback #shorts
►Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card ($200 bonus) 1.5% cashback on everything, plus 0% interest for 15 months! No foreign transaction fee for all you travelers!

►Chase Freedom Credit Card ($200 bonus) A little easier to get approved for & you can choose your cashback preference (1.5% or rotating categories), 0% interest for 15 months!

►Discover IT Credit Card ($50 bonus) 0% interest for 15 months. Easier to get approved for & so easy to increase your credit limit. They offered me 0% interest for 12 months again after using them for awhile just for being a good customer with them!

►Venmo Credit Card (3% cashback) If you use Venmo, get this card. Offers 3% cashback on your highest spend category, then 2% on the next category and 1% on everything else. I use this card for specific purchases to get that 3% and 2% cashback!

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