1 Awesome Wealthy Way to Fully Enjoy Life Everyday and Be a Good Influence For Others

Fully Enjoy Life

Ever think about why you like to hang out with certain people more than others? Or that you can handle certain people for a longer amount of time than others? I was thinking about this and had an experience at church that helped me realize one of the reasons why this is. People that I like to be around are positive; they make me want to be even more positive. I can tell they enjoy life, no matter what comes their way. One awesome wealthy way to fully enjoy life everyday and be a good influence for others is to be positive. Let me share what happened last week.

I was at church last week and a girl that I’m friends with shared her experience about having to get foot surgery twice. She told me the first time she got foot surgery, she complained the entire time because she was miserable and couldn’t put weight on her foot at all, which meant she had a hard time getting around. She didn’t want to go do anything; she just wanted to stay at home.

The second time she was about to get foot surgery, her friend asked her to try to do it with a positive attitude this time. She thought, the first time was awful, so I guess I can try to be positive about it this time; it can’t make it any worse.

So when she went in for surgery the second time, she made an effort to be positive and her experience was so much better. She was looking forward to doing things with her friends and actually tried to help other people with what she could. She made the best of her situation and was so glad she did. Surgery this time around didn’t seem as hard or as awful as the first time.

People actually noticed a difference in her during the second time around and asked her how she remained so positive. She set a great example for everyone around her, which helped them realize they could get through their trials while still being positive. They wanted to follow her example.

The one awesome wealthy way to fully enjoy life everyday and be a good influence for others is to make a conscious effort to be positive. I wrote another post that includes 8 incredible tips for being positive and more likable that you can check out to get ideas to help you stay positive, but first and foremost, we have to decide, we have to make the choice, to be positive and figure out the motivation behind that desire. Once we’ve figured that out, our positive attitude can rub off on others for good.

Figure out your desire for being positive. It could be that you really want to enjoy everyday of your life and be a good influence for others, or it could be something else. Figure out your motivation and think of that motivation when you are tempted to be negative. Being positive is a choice and I hope we can always choose to be positive.

What motivates you to be positive? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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