8 Fabulous Gift Ideas for Mom

Gift Ideas for Mom

In lieu of Mother’s Day coming up, I felt this a helpful, relevant post to create, but these gift ideas for mom can be used for any occasion to celebrate mom. Mom’s are special (probably the most special) in our lives and I know we want to get our mothers something great. I’ve compiled a list of possible gift ideas to get mom for Mother’s Day, or birthday or any time you want to celebrate mom. Hopefully one of these gift ideas for your mom will work, or if not, hopefully they’ll inspire you to come up with another idea. I broke the gifts for mom into two different sections: homemade gifts and store bought gifts.

Homemade Gifts for Mom

  1. Terracotta pot painted with chalkboard spray paint. These are so cute and fast to make. Just get a terracotta pot at the store along with the chalkboard spray paint and chalk. Just spray the pot, wait about 10 minutes, do a second coat and the pot is ready. You can write a message to mom or give her some chalk with the pot and let her write whatever she’d like. You can also plant some flowers in the pot or give her flowers to plant (my mom loves planting). You could do a set of 6 mini terra cotta pots that she could create an herb garden in – so cute!
  2. Homemade, delicious smelling body scrub. Get some coconut oil, white sugar, a lime and mint oil. Combine 1/3 cup coconut oil with 2/3 cup sugar (you can mix it in a bowl, the coconut oil will soften up). Then mix in 2 to 4 drops of mint oil (depending on how strong you want the smell to be). Grate the lime and mix all together. Put in a 1/2 pint canning jar with some raffia and ribbon tied around the top. Adorable!
  3. Picture block. Get a block of wood (about 6″x 6″, sand it if necessary). Paint it whatever color you’d like. You can use toll paint. Take some scrapbook paper and cut it to match the size of the front of the block, glue on. Get a picture of whatever you’d like, make sure it’s cut a little smaller than the scrapbook paper, glue to the scrapbook paper. Get some modge podge and put over the top of the picture and scrapbook paper. You can do a family photo, a temple photo, flowers, holiday themed photo, whatever you think mom would like. Viola, a cute decoration for mom.
  4. A photobook. Mixbook has an app called Mosaic. You can put photos from your phone into the app and it will create a book for you, super simple, super quick. If you want something a little more fancy, I have ordered hard covered, 50+ page, photobooks from Mixbook.com and absolutely love them. The pictures are clear and the paper it’s printed on is great quality. They usually have coupons to use as well.

Store Bought Gifts for Mom

  1. Order a beautiful bouquet of flowers for her (Sam’s Club has some pretty good options and they have live plants if your mom would prefer that). If your mom works, send them to her office a couple days early so she can enjoy them while she’s at work and brag to her co-workers about how good her daughter is to her.
  2. Order chocolate covered strawberries (who’s mom doesn’t love these??). I’ve heard great reviews from Shari’s Berries. If you use the code, ‘utah,’ you can get a discount on the chocolate covered strawberries for a limited time. I want some of these right now. 🙂
  3. Gift card to get a pedicure, manicure, facial, massage, etc. What woman doesn’t like to be pampered. You could even a plan a day to go together.
  4. You could order a canvas photo of your family. I just created a montage of each of my siblings families and me and put them all on one large canvas photo print for my parents 50th wedding anniversary; they loved it!! Sam’s Club is also a great place to get canvas prints. I’ve also ordered from Easy Canvas Prints and really like their quality.

Alright, so hopefully you like one of these gift ideas for mom or you were inspired with one of your own gift ideas! I’d love to hear in the comments below what you’ve decided to get your mom!

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