Gravatar: How to get your Profile Pic to show when commenting on WordPress Blogs

Profile Picture

Ever wonder why you’re profile picture doesn’t show up when you make a comment on a blog? Did you try adding a profile photo to your Google+ account to see if that would work? And it sure didn’t. Well, here’s how to get your profile picture to show when commenting on WordPress blogs!


You need to sign up with to create your Globally Recognized Avatar (aka profile pic). It’s easy and free – here we go!

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your WordPress account. If you don’t have a WordPress account, just click on: create account (then follow the simple steps).
  3. Once you’re logged in, go to ‘My Gravatars’ and click ‘add a new image’ and upload whatever picture you’d like to have as your profile photo (gravatar). They will re-size the profile picture (avatar) for you and let you crop it.
  4. Just save the profile image & you should now be able to see your Avatar, Gravatar, profile picture (or whatever you’d like to call it)! You can add more than one photo too.

Side note: When you’re filling out your Gravatar profile and want to add your website, make sure to add “http://” to beginning of your URL website, otherwise you’ll get an error. Adding your website to your profile means that when people click on your Gravatar they will be directed to your site – which is exactly what you want!

Hope this helps!

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