How to Add Google Analytics to your WordPress Blog in 10 Easy Steps

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool to check on how your site is doing. You can see who’s visiting, when they’re visiting, how long they stayed, where they came from and lots more! Here’s how to add Google Analytics to your WordPress blog in 10 simple steps.



  1. Log into Google Analytics, Analytics Dashboard
  2. Copy the tracking code (underneath Admin, Property, Tracking Info, Tracking Code)
  3. Log into your WordPress blog
  4. Click on ‘Appearance’
  5. Click on ‘Editor’
  6. On the right side, click on ‘header.php’
  7. Find where it says ‘ < body > ‘
  8. Right underneath ‘ < body > ‘, paste your tracking code
  9. Click ‘update file’
  10. Make sure it’s working by going back to your Google Analytics account, where you got your tracking code, and toward the top of the page make sure it says ‘receiving data’

And you’re DONE!

I love Google Analytics! Want other great tools for your blog?

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