2 Easy Wealthy Minded Steps to Help You Choose Between Two Good Options and Feel Great About It

Making Decisions

Ever find that you’re trying to decide between two good options? Either choice could work, but how do you make the decision? That’s what happened to me not too long ago and I paid attention to how I came to make my decision. So here’s what happened and the two wealthy minded steps I took to decide between the two good options and feel great about my choice.

I was at church a couple weekends ago and kept thinking about not being able to spend time with my little niece and nephew that day. My sister and brother-in-law were flying back from Disneyland with my 5 year old, blue-eyed, long eyelashed, blond haired, adorable nephew. My (almost 2 year old) cute-as-a-button, also blue-eyed, niece had been staying at my parents house. My sister was planning on getting to my parents house at about 4pm that day.

Church gets out at 4pm and it takes me about 35 minutes to get to my parents house.

I wanted to make sure I’d be to my parents house before my sister and the kids left, because I for sure wanted to see them. I didn’t know how long my sister would want to stay at my parents house (after getting back from a long vacation). I wanted to make sure I’d have enough time to play with kids.

I had a dilemma to solve. Spend more time with my niece and nephew or stay at church for all three hours (I usually stay for all 3 hours). Both good decisions. The most important part of church is partaking of the sacrament which, luckily was toward the beginning of church.

As I was sitting at church, I thought, ‘What’s really important?’ Then thought, ‘What would Christ do?’ It might sound like a bit of a jump, but, hi, I was sitting in church…and, voila, it turned out to be a great way to help me figure out my dilemma.

So here’s your two easy wealthy minded steps to help you choose between two good things and feel great about the choice.

Step 1: Think of your priorities.

The first step is to think of your priorities. Think about what is most important to you in your life. If you don’t know what your priorities are, take some time to really figure them out. Mine is putting God first then family second.

If you don’t know what your priorities are, you can waste a lot of time focusing your efforts where they don’t need to be. If you already have your priorities figured out, then when trying to make a decision, you already know what trumps what.

In my situation, I still wasn’t 100% sure what to do after I thought about my top priorities because both choices were good options. Sometimes when you’re choosing between two good choices, it’s hard to know what to do, so that’s when you can take step #2.

Step 2: Think of what Christ would do.

Once you have your priorities figured out, but still can’t decide what choice to make, think about what Christ would do in your situation. Christ was always spending time with people. For him, that’s what life was about – helping others, showing love toward others, spending time with them. He showed love to everyone.

I normally don’t skip church, but just thinking of what my priorities are and working on becoming more Christ-like, I decided I didn’t need to stay at church. I partook of the sacrament, the most important part of church, so I felt like I was still putting God first. Although staying for all of church would have been a good thing, I decided to spend time with my family because I think that’s what Christ would have done and I was glad I made that choice.

Being flexible and following the spirit of the law, not just the letter of the law, is what Christ did. I was thinking of when my friend’s ward church was cancelled after a mudslide happened in their neighborhood, so everyone could help their neighbors get mud out of their homes, that is something I can picture Christ doing. So although church is important, sometimes it’s better to be somewhere else.

By thinking of what Christ would do, we can make our decisions based off his example, which means we can feel great about the decisions we make because Christ is the perfect example.

When we have to choose between two good options, think of your top priorities and ask yourself, ‘What would Christ do.?’ Hopefully those two simple steps will help you make your choice and feel great about the decision. If you get other people asking you to help make their decisions, you can offer these two steps to them or check out my other post, 3 Effortless Wealthy Minded Steps To Help People Quickly Solve Their Own Problems and Appreciate You.

What other helpful steps have you taken when making decisions?

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