How to Start a Blog in 5 Simple Steps

How to Start a Blog

Want the simple breakdown on how to start a blog? Well, I’ve got it for you – in 5 simple steps.

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1.Pick a Domain Name

Choose your domain name (URL). Pick a blog name that describes what your blog is about. If your blog is about you, you can choose your own name. For example, if you do consulting work or you’re a counselor then choosing your name for your domain name works great. Even if your blog isn’t necessarily about you, but you want to get your name out there, there’s no problem in using your name as your URL. If you don’t want to use your name, or that URL is already taken, think about keywords people would use to search for what you’re blogging about; choose one of those keywords to put in your domain name. For example,, is clearly all about blogging. When you are coming up with possibilities, make sure the domain isn’t taken (which you can do here). Choose a domain that ends with .com (if you must have a domain that someone is already using the .com option, then .org is the next best choice). Chosen your domain name? You’re ready for the next step. Still can’t decide? Here’s a few more tips:

  • Apply the KISS principle, Keep it Simple Stupid (although I dislike the word Stupid, so let’s use Sweetheart, said withOUT an endearing tone)
  • No dashes, hyphens, underscores
  • Make it easy to spell (I thought about using, but I’m not sure everyone knows how to spell epiphany…)
  • Make it easy to remember ( vs., you tell me which is easier to remember)
  • Make it brandable (can you see yourself using the domain for any products you may want to sell on your site)

2.Buy your Domain

When starting a blog, it’s best to purchase your domain and self-host (talked about in the next step). You can purchase your domain from lots of different sites, but I recommend (Side note – If you go with for hosting, they do offer one free domain name with their packages.) You can usually find a coupon to get your domain at even a lower cost. Just type in your desired domain name and if it’s available they’ll show you the price. Just select the domain you’d like, add to cart and checkout. It’s as easy as that.

3.Choose your Host

Self hosting means using a server to ‘host’ your site on so people can view it on the internet. I would not recommend using a free service to host your site, like for example, because they add their name to your domain name. It’s much more professional to have your own domain name rather than than ‘’ I actually have a friend hosting my site (it pays to network), but I have heard only good things about They are inexpensive (you won’t need their upgrades) and reliable.

4.Install WordPress

WordPress is an easy (and not to mention free) website editor. Just go to and follow their steps to install WordPress. (Side note – If you choose Bluehost for hosting, they will have an option to install WordPress directly from their site.)

5.Start Blogging

Once you’ve followed Steps 1 thru 4 on How to Start a Blog, you’re ready to start blogging! Just pick your blog topic and blog away!

What are you going to blog about? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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