I have money to invest. Where do I start?

How to start investing. Wealthytiffany.com

Alright, since you have money to invest, but don’t know where to start, I’m going to give you the 411 on how to make this as simple as possible.

Here’s the simple steps to begin investing in the stock market.

I’ve got the quick overview for those of you that want to be told what to do (sometimes we do, sometimes it’s hard ‘adulting’ and we just want to be given the simple steps to follow):

Invest in index funds

Get one that holds a wide variety of US stocks.

Get one that holds a variety of high quality US bonds if you need to add some conservativeness to your life (just go with what works for you, if you aren’t close to retirement, you don’t really need bonds).

Keep your index funds in tax-advantaged accounts (401k, IRA, HSA, etc.) unless you want to pull money out within 5 – 10 years then get an online taxable brokerage account.

Automate your investing as much as possible so you’ll continue to do it (auto-transfer it).

Leave your emotions out of investing – if the market goes up or down, just continue to invest, ignore any fear or greed you many have.


Done and done!


Alright, if you want a little more info, keep on reading.


Follow the below order of investing in the stock market to get the most out of your money:

1-Get the match on your 401k.

Why only the match? Because 401ks usually have higher fees and not great options.

More about 401k’s here: 401k, IRA, Roth – Which is Best For You?

2-Set up and fully fund a Roth IRA.

if you’re under at least 50, if over, you could opt for traditional IRA.

More about Roth IRAs & traditional IRAs here: 401k, IRA, Roth – Which is Best For You?

3-Set up an HSA.

You’re able if you have a high deductible on your insurance.

Pick an HSA that let’s you invest in the stock market and put your money in there.

More about HSAs here (under #2): 4 Investing Options for Entrepreneurs

4-Fully fund your 401k.

We want to get your match first then after steps 2 & 3 you can fully fund your 401k.

5-Set up an online taxable brokerage account.

You could still invest in index funds in your brokerage account.

Or get some individual stocks to hold for the long-term, just don’t make this too high of a percentage of your total investments (like 5-10% is good).

Here’s the steps to take for buying individual stocks: 3 Super Simple Steps to Start Investing in Stocks

More about taxable brokerage accounts here (under #1): 3 Investment Items They Didn’t Teach You in College


That’s it. If you want to get ambitious you can always start your own business (or buy one) and start investing in real estate; those are going to be different posts.


Do these steps help? What questions do you have about getting started in the stock market?

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