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Book 1-Hour Intensive for $129 USD


Book Three 1-Hour Intensives for $299 USD

Just want your questions answered?

Maybe you think you're on the right track, but just want to make sure.

Perhaps you just want to be told what to do or where to start.

Or you want specific questions directly related to your situation answered.

Start taking control of your money today with my help!

I'll have you fill out a short form so I can know where you're at and what you are looking for.

You'll schedule a one-on-one call with me (usually through Skype).

I understand how valuable your time is and I will respect that by having the most productive call possible.

Any information discussed on the call will never be shared.

You can feel completely comfortable talking with me knowing I have your best interest at heart.

I do not work for any 3rd parties, I will share only what I believe will be best for you.

Tiffany Thomas

Hey! I'm Tiffany Thomas, your wealth mentor. I've learned a lot about money through research, trial and error and my financial mentors. I've created over $1/2 million in net worth, received over 100% return on individual stocks and own 4 real estate properties that generate cash flow for me every month. I am happy to share my information to help take the confusion out of money management and making your money work for you. Financial freedom at 40 is one of my goals and knowing how to best make my money work for me is part of the plan to get there, which if it's your plan too, I can definitely help you. Can't wait to work with you!

Intensives are for you if:

  • You would like specific questions answered directly related to your money situation.
  • You want to begin investing your money in the stock market, in buy & hold residential real estate properties or in your own online service-based business, but aren't sure how.
  • Already have (or want to set one up) a 401(k), IRA, Roth 401(k) or Roth IRA, but aren't sure if you have your money in the right funds or where to set one up.
  • Want to learn more about taking control of your money so you can make your money work for you.
  • Desire investing to be simple.
  • Want ideas on where to start with your money, what to invest in and how to do it.

Intensives are NOT for you if:

  • You want to learn how to day trade.
  • Want to learn more advanced stock trading strategies.
  • Want to keep making excuses for not taking control of your money.
  • Only want to keep your money in a savings account.
  • You want tons of different options to choose from and enjoy keeping investing complicated.



Money Mastery


Book 1-Hour Intensive for $129 USD
Book Three 1-Hour Intensives for $299 USD


Saving versus Investing

The chart to the right shows you starting out with $1,000.

The green line shows if you put it in the stock market for 25 years, you'd have: $12,708.

The orange line shows if you kept in a savings account that earned 4% interest (which you can't even find right now) you'd have: $2,666.

Which amount would you rather have?...

Let's get you started on the right path.



Elaine Calloway Elaine Calloway, Writer/Writing Teacher of Online Courses

Tiffany has a lot of investment knowledge which is great. I had a Roth & regular 401-k through work and a collection of different options invested thru a broker, but didn't really know many of the terms or what load/no load was, etc.

I thought the explanation of terms was valuable and I learned useful info. The terms helped, knowing what was what and different options. My favorite part was learning about mutual funds and I will begin researching mutual funds more and other private options not associated with my standard 401-k.

The course is a great overview of goals, investing, etc and was a good course to get started. There’s a great overview of investing choices and terms, making sure you have your choices aligned with your goals.

Erica DeLong Erica DeLong

First of all, I loved the material!  There was so much I didn't know, it is very helpful. I felt like Tiffany explained things well and put it into words people are able to understand.

The summaries at the end of the Modules were a great re-cap. There was a lot of information at times, and to have the summaries at the end was brilliant.

I loved the Modules, period. It was nice to have breaks in between, and go more at my own pace.

I also liked the PDF's that were available to print of each Module. Such a nice perk, and eases the anxiety a little about trying to catch everything during the lecture. Something to have and refer to, even though the lecture is over, is essential for this kind of material, and nice to have the option to read it at my own pace.

There is real potential here to help a lot of people! I loved it!


Book 1-Hour Intensive for $129 USD


Book Three 1-Hour Intensives for $299 USD

Stop worrying about your money just sitting in savings,
not even keeping up with inflation.

Get your money questions answered without any pressure to invest in things that won't actually work for you.

Get rid of your investing anxiety once & for all, book your call today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.What if I have to change the time of the call?

    A.I am happy to adjust my schedule, please give a 12 hour notice and we can change the time of the call.

  • Q.What if I would like a refund?

    A.       Your satisfaction with the program is important to us. Yet, because of the extensive time, effort, preparation and care that goes into creating and/or providing our program materials and services, we have a no refund policy. Keep in mind we definitely want to help you be successful so if there was something else you were looking for in the service, please let us know so we can help you.