Results to Expect:


Never worry about what to do with your money. Never worry about over-spending.

Know exactly where your money should be going and automate it.


Have control over your money instead of your money having control over you.

Make powerful money choices that align with your priorities.


Get your financial freedom plan mapped out so you have the option to retire sooner than later and have peace of mind that you will always be taken care of and you can take of others.



What's included...

90 Days of Mentoring

Weekly 60 minute coaching/mentoring call to map out your plan, get all of your money questions answered, implement the steps and get coached. Whatever you need.

Accountability to help you achieve your financial goals

Extra Access To Me

Message me your questions/struggles any time during the week and I will help you.

Ongoing support during difficult times

Private Facebook Community

Interact with like-minded others to create community and get support.

Motivation to stay on track

Personalized Millionaire Strategy

Get a customized investing plan to get to a 7-figure net worth.

The right investment options for you

Customized Templates

Get access to my spending plan template, net worth tracker, debt pay off plan and more.

Money organized & streamlined

High-Value 1:1 Mentoring Is For You If You:

  • Would like specific guidance directly related to your situation.

  • Are ready to overcome resistance to building your own wealth.

  • Want to begin investing your money in the stock market and/or buy & hold residential real estate properties, but aren't sure how.

  • Already have or want to set up investment accounts and make sure you are investing in the best investments for you.

  • Want to learn more about taking control of your money so you can make your money work for you.

  • Are ready to get your millionaire plan mapped out.

  • Desire investing to be simple.

  • Ready to blast through limiting money beliefs.

  • Are ready to action and can't wait any longer!

High-Value 1:1 Mentoring Is NOT For You If:

  • You're looking for a get rich overnight plan.

  • You want to learn how to day trade.

  • Want to keep making excuses for not taking control of your money.

  • Only want to keep your money in a savings account.

  • You want tons of different investment options to choose from and enjoy keeping investing complicated.

  • You want to stay stuck in money confusion.

  • You think you can become financially free by watching free webinars and not taking action.

  • You constantly pass up opportunities because “it’s not the right time.”

  • You aren't ready to action to get the results you desire.

  • You're not ready to take your wealth to the next level.


Meet Tiffany Thomas

Hey there!

I'm Tiffany, a laptop lifestyle business owner, YouTuber, real estate and stock market investor, millionaire and unwavering optimist that achieved financial freedom in my 30s.

I can't wait to help you achieve financial freedom as well!

If you know you're meant for more than the 9-5 until 65 grind and want to actually start living the life you've been dreaming of instead of dreaming about living that life then click the button below and let's get to it!

What Tiffany's clients have said...



“I’ve had a couple of financial advisors recommended to me, but I really just didn’t want one, I wanted to figure it out myself. I love how easy you’ve made it, Tiffany. Thank you. It makes me so happy!"



"I think this is a great idea! Everybody should try it and it’s been well worth my time and money. I would also say, when I signed up I don’t know that I had the funds for this right now, but I found a place where I could pull them from and I’m really glad that I did it!"



"Yay!!!! I'm so excited... I've just opened and invested in my very first brokerage and Roth IRA accounts! :) It's great to feel more in control of my financial future. Thanks for all your help Tiffany!"


Tori & Chad

"We’re invested! We’ve made our first investment, started moving old 401(k)s into better funds with higher return rates and lower expense ratios, and established a budget that includes funds earmarked for regular investing. This is so much easier and makes so much more sense than we expected!"

Plus, I want you to succeed so much, I'm giving you these extra juicy bonuses!

Access to:

Investors to 7-Figures Group Coaching Program

(for added support and content)

*12 Group Coaching Calls ($12,000 Value)

*Access To Tiffany Through Group Chat ($5,000 Value)

*Recorded Coaching Calls ($3,000 Value)

*Support Facebook Group ($2,500 Value)

*Videos, Templates & PDF Materials ($4,000 Value)


--Buy Your First Stock In 48 Hours Course: For those that want to be a little more hands on with their investments & have a little fun in the stock market ($1,000 Value)

--Real Estate Investing 101 Course: Know the pros/cons of long-term real estate investing and how to buy your first rental ($400 Value)

--Budgeting Bootcamp Course: Get financially fit in 90 minutes ($300 Value)

All of this...

  • 90-Day Millionaire Mentoring ($40,000 Value)

  • Investors to 7-Figures Group Coaching Program (Value $26,500)

  • Bonus Courses (Value $1,700)

For a Total Value of: $68,200

Actual Investment, only: $15,000

Client Testimonials


The biggest impact ... was simply learning what I needed to know to begin investing!


[Tiffany Thomas'] course gave me so much needed information that I am now confident in doing it myself!


In the beginning of my financial freedom journey I was anxious and fearful about whether or not I was capable of sticking to any financial plan…. I  also had reservations about trusting financial institutions. I met with Tiffany via zoom and it was like talking with someone I have known my whole life! Tiffany offered me great support in setting up my budget and deciding on an emergency fund that is realistic  for me. She also informed me about investing and the benefits of it. During the process of working with Tiffany.… I was able to pay off my credit card debt, establish an emergency fund (which is in its beginning stages 🤗) and gain confidence in my ability to become financially independent. 


First of all, I loved the material!  There was so much I didn't know, it is very helpful. I felt like Tiffany explained things well and put it into words people are able to understand.


Tiffany has a lot of investment knowledge which is great….I thought the explanation of terms was valuable and I learned useful info. My favorite part was learning about mutual funds.There’s a great overview of investing choices and terms, making sure you have your choices aligned with your goals.