ALLY SAVINGS - High interest savings, money market accounts and checking account all online.

ALLY INVEST - Taxable brokerage account (where I buy my individual stocks)

PERSONAL CAPITAL - Online site to track all of your finances (mortgage, credit cards, etc) in one place. They even show you how you're looking for retirement and have great tools & it's free! (PLUS, you get $20 and I get $20 when you sign up & link one investing account, you're welcome.)

VANGUARD - Online brokerage account where I have my Roth IRA. Great funds and low fees.



CONVERTKIT - Email service provider. Easily manage all of your subscribers, create tags, segments, drip campaigns and more. User friendly and very effective.

TEACHABLE - Easy site to use for creating and hosting your courses.

SOCIAL PILOT - Great social media scheduling tool (includes bulk scheduling, all the popular social media accounts, auto feed and lots more).

RECURPOST - Awesome social media scheduling tool that let's you reschedule the same posts on a certain day and time to your Facebook groups, Facebook page, Twitter and more.

BILLY APP - Bookkeeping software (similar to QuickBooks). So user-friendly and you can send invoices and lots more.

ACUITY SCHEDULING - Easily schedule all of your appointments (and even have them fill out a form before they schedule).

BUSINESS COACH - This might seem strange, but I loved, loved, loved my business coach Melissa Pharr. I did her group coaching program, Under-earner to Unforgettable and grew my business so much (and the networking alone was well worth it). If you are looking for a coach, I don't hesitate to recommend her group coaching program.


WOMEN'S GUIDE TO SUCCESSFUL INVESTING - Nancy Tengler does a great job explaining how to invest in the stock market, how to pick stocks, which ones she recommends. Hands down, this is one of the best books I've read on investing.

MAKE EVERY MAN WANT YOU: HOW TO BE SO IRRESISTIBLE YOU'LL BARELY KEEP FROM DATING YOURSELF - Love this book by Marie Forleo. It's not just another book about dating, it's about improving yourself. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

SHE MEANS BUSINESS: TURN YOUR IDEAS INTO REALITY AND BECOME A WILDLY SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR - Awesome book by Carrie Green about starting your own business. What I love so much about the book is that she gives you actionable steps and you can go to her site to download the pdf's to guide you through the steps. I have listened to this multiple times within a month of buying it.


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