Simplify Your Money Process

Simplify Your Money Process

Life is so much easier when it’s kept simple. Sometimes we don’t realize how much we’re over-complicating things, until we’ve already done it.

It’s like when we’re dating someone and we start to analyze everything. He didn’t call me at 5 today, but he did yesterday. He usually texts me at night, but he skipped tonight.

Why didn’t he offer to pick me up, he did before. Why’d he get me yellow daisies instead of the pink Gerber daisies he got me last time.

Then we start to question everything…is he ever going to call again, maybe he didn’t like my perfume last night. Maybe I should have pulled my hair up instead of leaving it down.

I could go on for hours (’cause we know girls that do), but I’ll stop there. 🙂 We start analyzing everything and worrying about it all and then we’re hesitant to call or text again or just keep wondering what’s going on.

If we kept it simple, we’d either just ask a question (Do you like my hair pulled up?) or we’d just enjoy the moment. If we want to text him, we do. If he doesn’t call, we go out with our friends.

It’s the same with our money. If we have lots of different accounts to analyze, different credit card balances to keep track of, things aren’t on auto pay then our money process becomes complicated, we start worrying about if we paid that bill or not and can’t remember when things are due and we get overwhelmed.

There’s too many things going on to keep it all straight.

Here’s some ways to simplify your money process (you’re going to have to figure out the dating process on your own, sorry, I haven’t figured that one out yet…).

Minimize Your Accounts

If you have a lot of different accounts, it’s just more to keep track of.

Just like material possessions. The more we accumulate, the more we have to keep track of.

Close accounts you don’t really need (unless it’s a credit card then you can leave the account open to help your credit score, but not use the card).

I had a Zion’s bank account for awhile. I opened it because they had a high interest savings account.

After a while, my other bank’s interest rate was higher so I switched most of my money back to my original bank.

I just left the Zion’s account open.

Well, come to find out, if you don’t make a transfer (or have movement) on your account then they could seize your money after so long.

I would make a small transfer to keep my account active. It was so silly.

Finally, I decided it was time to close the account. I went in, withdrew my money and closed the account.

I no longer had to spend time on that account. One less thing to worry about, hallelujah.

Figure out what accounts you don’t really need or use or where you could consolidate and close unnecessary accounts.

Especially if you and your spouse bank at different banks. Make it easier on yourself and consolidate to one bank.

The less time you spend on your ‘money process,’ the more time you can spend elsewhere.

Auto Pay Your Bills

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, but it’s a goodie.

Setting up auto pay for your bills really is a time saver. You don’t have to remember your username and password for all your different accounts.

You don’t have to sit down and login to each account, which becomes tedious.

Just check to make sure they’ve been paid (I’ll share a tip for that in just a moment) and call it good.

Even if you need to write a check, you can have your bank send the check for you. My bank has it listed under their bill pay section. Super easy.

Change The Due Dates

You could have bills that are all due at different times throughout the month.

This makes it a bit more tricky to sit down once a month and make sure your bills are paid.

You can call the companies and ask them to change your due date.

If you schedule your due dates to be the same date you’re less likely to forget to pay a bill and you can take care of your finances in one sitting.

BONUS TIP: Taking care of all your money transactions at one time will help it go faster. So when you sit down to pay your bills, make sure you update your budget or balance your checkbook or do whatever else is money related at the same time.

Set up Auto Transfers

Another great time saving (and money saving tip) is to set up auto transfers.

If every time you get paid, you go into your account manually and transfer a certain amount to your savings, to your IRA or to another account, it’s just wasting time.

You can ask your employer to send a certain percentage of your paycheck to a certain account and the rest to a different account.

You can also automatically have a certain amount of money put directly in your IRA each month.

Just another little bonus tip here, if you have different things you are saving for, you can nickname your savings accounts as something you’re saving for.

Such as, Italy Trip or Dream Home or Lasik.

By naming them something fun you’re able to immediately remember what it is you’re saving for and that helps you get excited to save more.

See All of Your Finances at Once

Looking at your finances often helps make sure there’s no fraud (or to catch the fraud early) and makes it easier to check that bills are paid, quickly see what money has come in and just helps you become more familiar with your money situation.

The more aware you are, the more you’ll be able to take control of your money.

I’ve been using for a long time and it’s great. I’ve linked all of my accounts (including credit cards, bank accounts, mortgages, Roth IRA and more) to it so I can open the app on my phone and see what’s happened in all of my accounts within seconds.

Recently though, I opened a account (very similar to where you can connect all of your accounts) and love the retirement options available. It shows my how much my retirement account fees are eating into my retirement, how much others are saving for retirement in my age bracket and lots of other cool stuff, so I’m loving it more than


Alright, so let’s get your money process simplified. Here’s a quick recap:

Minimize your accounts (get rid of what you don’t really need). Put bills on auto pay. Set up auto transfers (the more we automate, the more time we free up). Change the due dates on your bills to be the same day. Look at all of your finances in one place ( or

What other tips do you have for simplifying our money process?

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