4 Painless Wealthy Minded Actions to Become More Physically Appealing and Impress Your Dates

Impress Your Date

We all wish we were better in some way in the physical sense, right? I wish I was – fill in the blank – skinnier, prettier, had better hair, did my makeup better, etc, etc, etc. We can all have our wish list, but let’s take some painless wealthy-minded actions to become more physically appealing…

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10 Quick Wealthy Minded Methods To Get Organized and Stay Organized

Get Organized and Stay Organized

Having a hard time staying organized? Is your house feeling cluttered? Can’t stay on top of things anymore? If you can relate to these questions, then try these top 10 quick wealthy minded methods to get organized and stay organized. 1.When you go to put something down, put it where it belongs. This is what…

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