Setup a Brokerage Account Tutorial [Video]

How to open a brokerage account tutorial

Wondering how to buy and sell stocks? The first step is to set up a brokerage account – basically an online account where you can trade (buy and sell) stocks, index funds and ETFs. Watch the video above to get the step by step tutorial on how to set up a Capital One Investing brokerage…

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3 Little-Known Facts to Get Over the Fear of Losing All Your Money in the Stock Market

Fear of Losing Money in Stock Market

But what if I lose all my money?!?? I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that question. People have this huge fear of losing all of their money if they invest in the stock market. Let me help you overcome that fear with 3 little-known facts. 1-Accept That The Market Will Crash Accepting the…

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3 Necessary Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom Sooner than Later

Want to achieve financial freedom? Tired of having to work all the time, missing your nephew’s first bike race, having to tell your friends you can’t go to the Caribbean with them this year (or next year)? Want to have the choice to be able to work or not to work? Be able to spend…

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What is Diversification Anyway?


There seems to be some confusion on diversification, so let’s chat about what it is and how to not be over-diversified. Diversification basically means not keeping all of our eggs in one basket, our investments vary, we don’t just have one investment. We should be diversified to a degree, but there becomes a point of…

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7 Benefits of Investing

7 Benefits of Investing

If you’re on the fence about investing, for whatever reason (not sure how to do it, scared to do it, haven’t taken the time, think your future husband will do it), I want to share with you 7 benefits of investing. 1-Your money will start working for you. I don’t know about you, but I’d…

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4 Investing Options for Entrepreneurs

Investing Options for Entrepreneurs

In September of 2015 there were 27 million entrepreneurs! There are a lot of us and that number only continues to grow. So where are we suppose to invest our money? We, as entrepreneurs, don’t have an opportunity to contribute to a 401k so let’s talk about our other options for investing. 1) IRA/Roth IRA…

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6 Important Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor

Questions to ask financial advisor

You may have a financial advisor, but don’t really know if he’s doing a good job for you or not. I used to have a financial advisor and we would talk about my goals and what I was planning on purchasing in the future and when I wanted to retire. Those were all great questions,…

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Why Millennials & Gen-Xers Don’t Care About Investing And Why They Should


Nearly 80% of millennials are not invested in the stock market. That’s a significant percentage. I’m a gen xer or possibly a millennial, depending on which dates you’re going off of. I get it. We want to to be happy doing what we want when we want. We ain’t got time to worry about the…

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5 Investment Tips for Newbies

Investing Tips for Newbies

Thinking about investing time in that new relationship, with investing of course? Well, I’ve got some great tips for you on how to do it even better. Let’s try to have a committed, successful relationship, shall we?. Yes, we shall. 1-Know What You’re Investing In & Why When investing you might be tempted to hand…

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Top 4 Reasons Why Investing Is Less Risky Than Saving Your Money

Investing is Less Risky than Saving

Investing is risky business (just like Tom Cruise, so I’ve heard). But saving is risky business as well and I believe it’s even more risky than investing. I’ll give you four reasons why investing is less risky than saving. 1-More Purchasing Power We always want more power, right?! Kind of like how Wonder Woman increased…

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