I have money to invest. Where do I start?

How to start investing. Wealthytiffany.com

Alright, since you have money to invest, but don’t know where to start, I’m going to give you the 411 on how to make this as simple as possible. Here’s the simple steps to begin investing in the stock market. I’ve got the quick overview for those of you that want to be told what…

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Why Millennials & Gen-Xers Don’t Care About Investing And Why They Should


Nearly 80% of millennials are not invested in the stock market. That’s a significant percentage. I’m a gen xer or possibly a millennial, depending on which dates you’re going off of. I get it. We want to to be happy doing what we want when we want. We ain’t got time to worry about the…

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5 Investment Tips for Newbies

Investing Tips for Newbies

Thinking about investing time in that new relationship, with investing of course? Well, I’ve got some great tips for you on how to do it even better. Let’s try to have a committed, successful relationship, shall we?. Yes, we shall. 1-Know What You’re Investing In & Why When investing you might be tempted to hand…

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3 Tips For Building Your Investing Confidence

Increase Investing Confidence

We as women tend to have a harder time investing than men. Today.com conducted a survey of women about money and it revealed that 82% of respondents feel some level of insecurity about investing. That’s a pretty high percentage of women that feel insecure about investing and it’s understandable. Investing can seem confusing and overwhelming.…

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How Aggressive Should You Be With Your Portfolio?

How Aggressive to Be

Not sure how aggressive or conservative to be with your investments? It is a tricky subject so let me help you understand what goes into how aggressive you should be. Deciding how to aggressive or risky to be with your investments can be based upon a number of factors. Today we are going to take…

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3 Important Considerations For Your Portfolio

Investment Portfolio

So what exactly is a portfolio? An investment portfolio is your collection of investments. These include different asset classes such as stocks, bonds, cash, real estate, commodities, etc. You could even break these asset classes into sub-asset classes, such as large cap stocks, international stocks, technology stocks, short-term bonds, etc. Your investment portfolio should be…

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3 Investment Items They Didn’t Teach You in College

3 Investment Items

I’m sure we all learned a lot of things in college. Which classes took roll (like my 7am Marketing class, it was hard to get there on time…). How annoyed we were with group projects (people know how to slack off if they know someone else will have to do the work). Where to park…

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3 Legit Reasons I Like Investing in Individual Stocks

Paper Asset Investing Series: Post #5 This is the last post in my paper asset investing series (essentially stock market investing)! I hope they’ve been helpful in gaining a better understanding about investing in the stock market. You can check out the other 4 posts here: Post #4: 401k, IRA, Roth – Which Is Best…

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The Most Important Thing To Know Before You Ever Start Investing

One Thing to Know Before You Invest

Paper Asset Investing Series: Post #2 This is post #2 in our paper asset investing series. We covered the basic terms of stock market investing in post #1, which you can check out right here: Top 5 Investing Terms to Help Beginner Investors Become Smarter Investors. A lot of people try to begin investing with…

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Top 5 Investing Terms to Help Beginner Investors Become Smarter Investors

Investing Terms for Beginners

Paper Asset Investing Series: Post #1 I’m going to be doing a little paper asset (stocks, bonds, etc) investing series so what better place to start than with the jargon (aka the terms)?! If you don’t know what the terms mean you won’t know what you’re investing in (or what to invest in), so let…

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