3 Effortless Wealthy Minded Steps To Help People Quickly Solve Their Own Problems and Appreciate You

Solve People's Problems

Wouldn’t it be awesome to help other people (and even yourself) solve their problems in mere minutes? Well, I have a great post for you today! I’m going to teach you the three simple wealthy minded steps on how to help people solve their own problems quickly AND thank you for it!

This experience helped me realize these problem solving steps, so here goes. Last week I was going on a hiking date. And what’s the number one problem a girl has when going on a date, let alone a hiking date? Deciding what to wear. It’s hard to pick out the right outfit, especially when going hiking then going to dinner after. I didn’t want to be too casual (I usually wear workout clothes to hike in), but didn’t want to dress too nice, because, hello, we’re going hiking.

So what did I do? I did what most girls do, texted one of my friends to get advice. Luckily she called me and asked what my text said because she was driving. I told her my text said. “Lis, I need your decision making skills. Should I wear hiking cargo shorts, workout pants or jean capris on my hiking date tonight?

She, being a smart woman, asked, ‘Are you doing something after the date?’

I said, ‘Yes, going to dinner.’

She responded, ‘Well, then I guess the question is, do you want to look cute for the date or just be comfy?’

I responded, ‘That is the real question; I want to be cute. Jean capris it is!’

Lis responded, ‘I agree!.’

I said, ‘Thanks for helping me decide, Lis.’

I thought about this experience afterward and broke this scenario down into 3 simple steps to solving people’s problems for you:

Step 1: Listen to the question or problem someone is telling you about.

I told Lis I didn’t know what I should wear on my date. She didn’t jump in and start talking about her last hiking date or what outfits she worn on dates; she listened to my problem.

Step 2: Figure out their desired outcome by asking other questions for clarification.

She knew I didn’t know what to wear on the date, but also knew she needed to figure out what I really wanted, what result I was looking for. She could have just told me to wear workout pants, but I wouldn’t have been happy wearing workout pants.

She asked another question to get clarification on the outcome I wanted; did I want to look cute on the date or did it not really matter?

Once we got to the real question at hand, the outcome I desired, I was able to answer my own question. I wanted to look cute, so I knew jean capris was the best solution.

This step may require asking more than one question to get the clarification on the desired outcome, but by you helping them to realize what their desired outcome is, the easier it will be for them to realize the best solution.

Step 3: Validate their answer.

Let them know you agree with what they decided and they’ll thank you for your help. You seem like the smart one because you helped them figure out the desired outcome and helped them to figure out their own answer. Well done. ?

Tada! 3 Effortless steps to help people solve their own problems AND appreciate you.

(PS – I know this process isn’t the fix all, especially when people are wanting things that aren’t good for them, but that’ll have to be another post.)

Try these steps and let me know how it goes in the comments below!

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