Why Millennials & Gen-Xers Don’t Care About Investing And Why They Should


Nearly 80% of millennials are not invested in the stock market. That’s a significant percentage.

I’m a gen xer or possibly a millennial, depending on which dates you’re going off of. I get it. We want to to be happy doing what we want when we want. We ain’t got time to worry about the future, we are busy living in the moment.

Well, it’s time to change that mindset. We need to be preparing for our futures. It’s our life now and in the future. Let’s go over some popular reasons why millennials and gen-xers don’t care about investing and why they should.

Retirement is too Far Away

Sometimes it is hard to think about how we want our lives to be in the future. We are busy going to work, hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, playing around on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest…the list goes on and on.

There’s plenty of things to occupy our time and retirement sounds so far away; there’s plenty of time to think about that, later.

But here’s the truth, if we don’t think about it now we won’t be able to enjoy retirement later.

If you start investing $600 a month at age 25 and you’re earning 7% return on that investment, you’ll have a $1 million in 34 years. In other words, you’ll be a millionaire at age 60.

If you do not start saving until 45, you will need to save three times as much as if you start at 25.

The later you start investing, the more you’ll need to invest.

Don’t Want to Take the Time to Learn How To Do It & Don’t Trust Stockbrokers

There’s a lot of information out there about investing. There’s lots of terms and phrases that people throw around.

Who wants to take the time to learn it all?

It’s true, taking the time to learn it all would take forever.

But luckily, you don’t need to know all of it. There’s just a few basic things to learn that will help you become a great investor.

By learning just a few basics, you’ll be able to start investing and get on the quicker path to $1 million.

Who really trusts a stockbroker or financial advisor? Don’t they just try to sell you stuff to make them more money?

There are some greasy, pushy, sales-y financial advisors out there who don’t have your best interest at heart. There are some great ones as well.

But once again, you don’t need to be paying a financial advisor to help you invest. By learning the basics, you can definitely do it yourself. It’s really not that hard.

You can save the thousands of dollars, monthly retainer fees and that percentage fee they may be charging you, by taking the initiative to learn about it yourself and not worry about someone trying to push their agenda on you.

You can be investing in what works for you, cheaply and easily while still getting great returns.

I Don’t Have Enough Money to Invest

Sure, if you have tons of high interest debt and don’t have an emergency fund, definitely take care of those things first.

But, if you have an emergency fund and are just spending the rest of your money or keeping it in savings, you have money to invest. Even if it’s just $50 a month.

As we saw above, the sooner we start, the more money we’ll have later.

You don’t need thousands of dollars to start investing. You can start with a very small amount and move up from there.

By starting with even a small amount, you will have your money working for you a lot sooner which, thanks to compound interest, will make you a lot more money in the long run without doing anything extra.

Not only that, but you’ll be keeping ahead of inflation instead of decreasing your buying power. If you let your money sit in a bank it’s not even keeping up with the 3% rate of inflation. So you’re essentially losing money when not investing it.

Plus, you’ll be used to investing and it will be easier to increase that investment amount as you go along. Making your money do the hard work while you sit still, look pretty (Daya anyone?).

Only a mere 18% of 20-29-year-olds feel confident about their preparedness for retirement.

Let’s start changing those stats!!

Start thinking about your future. What are some financial goals you’d like to achieve? When would you like to retire? Start making a plan.

Learning the basics of investing isn’t hard and doesn’t take that much time and  it’s something that will affect your future the most.

By starting to invest even with a small amount will have a huge impact on how much money you’ll have later on.

It’s your future and you should live it how you want so start taking action today to help you live how you want in the future.

If you want help in getting started, check out my Stock Market Investing Made Simple course. It walks you through the basics so you can start investing easily and start on your path to $1 million.

Share reasons you haven’t started investing or what made you start investing.

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