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Meet Tiffany Thomas

Hey there!

I'm Tiffany, a laptop lifestyle business owner, YouTuber, real estate and stock market investor, millionaire and unwavering optimist that achieved financial freedom in my 30s.

I can't wait to help you achieve financial freedom as well!

If you know you're meant for more than the 9-5 until 65 grind and want to actually start living the life you've been dreaming of instead of dreaming about living that life then make sure to sign up for the free masterclass and let's get to it!



“I’ve had a couple of financial advisors recommended to me, but I really just didn’t want one, I wanted to figure it out myself. I love how easy you’ve made it, Tiffany. Thank you. It makes me so happy!"


"I think this is a great idea! Everybody should try it and it’s been well worth my time and money. I would also say, when I signed up I don’t know that I had the funds for this right now, but I found a place where I could pull them from and I’m really glad that I did it!"


"Yay!!!! I'm so excited... I've just opened and invested in my very first brokerage and Roth IRA accounts! :) It's great to feel more in control of my financial future. Thanks for all your help Tiffany!"

Tori & Chad

"We’re invested! We’ve made our first investment, started moving old 401(k)s into better funds with higher return rates and lower expense ratios, and established a budget that includes funds earmarked for regular investing. This is so much easier and makes so much more sense than we expected!"