Understand and Reduce Your Investing Anxiety

Paper Asset Investing Series: Post #3 I’m doing a paper asset investing blog post series, if you haven’t read the other posts, be sure to here: Post #2: The Most Important Thing To Know Before You Ever Start Investing Post #1: Top 5 Investing Terms to Help Beginner Investors Become Smarter Investors   Ever thought you should…

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The Most Important Thing To Know Before You Ever Start Investing

One Thing to Know Before You Invest

Paper Asset Investing Series: Post #2 This is post #2 in our paper asset investing series. We covered the basic terms of stock market investing in post #1, which you can check out right here: Top 5 Investing Terms to Help Beginner Investors Become Smarter Investors. A lot of people try to begin investing with…

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Top 5 Investing Terms to Help Beginner Investors Become Smarter Investors

Investing Terms for Beginners

Paper Asset Investing Series: Post #1 I’m going to be doing a little paper asset (stocks, bonds, etc) investing series so what better place to start than with the jargon (aka the terms)?! If you don’t know what the terms mean you won’t know what you’re investing in (or what to invest in), so let…

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5 Vital Pieces for Your Wealth Creation Foundation

Wealth Creation Foundation

I’m going to be creating a series on ways to increase/create/build your wealth, but I want to make sure you have a full understanding for the foundation of wealth. We don’t want to just jump into building wealth when we don’t have a foundation for it. You know the saying, something like, the house that…

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3 Surprising Reasons Budgeting is Fun and Not Fearful

Budgeting is fun not fearful

There’s a stigma that goes with budgeting. It’s something people dread doing or are even fearful of doing. People think it’s a waste of time and can’t even stand thinking about budgeting, but really, it’s not that bad (I actually like it, surprise, surprise…). A lot of times people are fearful of the unknown, but…

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2 Most Important Expenses Every Budget Should Have That Actually Helps Achieve Wealth

2 Most Important Expenses to Put in Budget

As I mentioned in my previous post, budgeting helps us reach our financial goals. When we tie our budget to our financial goals we can know how much we should be putting where. Tying our budget to our goals is the beginning step. The next step is making sure you are allocating money toward those…

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Top 3 Cool Reasons That Will Make You Want to Budget, Plus How to Find Time to Budget

3 Reasons to Budget

I hear people say, “I don’t have time to budget. It just takes too much time and it’s not really worth it.” This is my response, “I believe we make time for what we want to make time for.” If we are missing the importance of budgeting then we won’t make time for it. Let…

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3 Stellar Steps to Instill Wealth Creation Habits & Feel Better About Your Money

Wealth Creation Habits

I’ve been hearing a lot about how money gives people anxiety and people just don’t know how to save enough money, especially when they only get paid once a month. Also, they want to be able to track their money in an easy way. I thought I’d address these 3 obstacles in today’s post through…

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My Simple 7 Step Stock Investment Strategy Revealed

Stock Investment Strategy

I get a lot of questions about what I invest in and how I invest. Part of my investment strategy is investing in stocks. Saying that, I want to be clear I am not a financial advisor and I am only sharing my stock investing strategy to give you an idea of what has worked…

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4 Simple Steps to Get Ready To Get Your Taxes Done

Get Your Taxes Done

Tax day will be upon us before we know it (April 18, in case you were wondering). Maybe you’ve already done your taxes and are ready to go. If so, kudos to you; I’m impressed! Maybe you’re like me and haven’t done them yet. 🙂 If you’re the latter, I thought I’d give you my…

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