6 Practical Wealth Centered Ideas to Invest Your Expendable Income In & Make Your Money Work For You

6 Ideas for Investing Your Income

I’ve been asked a lot by my friends, what should I be investing my money in? I want to have enough for retirement, but I’m just not sure where to start. So today I want to give you 6 practical ideas that you can invest your expendable money (income) in so you can make your…

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5 Realistic Wealthy Minded Steps to Achieve Your Top Goal and Get Up Earlier

Reach Top Financial Goal

Alright peeps!! I have found success!! I’ve been able to wake up at least 15 minutes earlier consistently. I have tried sooooo many different things and nothing really worked, until this! And I’ve been able to move the needle forward on my top goal. Are you ready for this piece of magic?? Well let me…

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4 Straightforward Wealthy Minded Ways To Be Helpful and Improve Your Morale

Helping Others Improve

Who doesn’t want to be helpful? Maybe sometimes we don’t, but it sure boosts our morale when we are. 🙂 So I’m under contract for another place (super exciting!) and realized that I have A LOT of stuff, which means I’m going to need A LOT of boxes. I remembered my mom had told me…

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3 Chill Wealthy Minded Steps to Fall Asleep Fast & Easily Write Content

Fall Asleep Quickly

Lately, I’ve noticed that I have been able to fall asleep quickly. Some nights I would just lay there and keep thinking about everything, and I mean everything. From guys to work stuff to what I’m going to wear tomorrow to why I didn’t make a phone call I should have, etc, etc, etc. But…

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Knowtbook – Succinct, Helpful Resource to Build Your Online Business

Knowtbook - Business Resource

Tired of searching for everything online business related under the sun, reading through so many posts, only to find you’re NOT finding exactly what you’re looking for? Or better yet, that you’ve just wasted hours reading through stuff that you didn’t really need to read through? I’ve wasted so much time searching the internet for…

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3 Sure-Fire Wealthy-Minded Steps to Get Your Boss (Or Client) To Trust You and Like You Even More

Build Trust

Ever get a little annoyed when people question you? I sometimes do. I feel like they should just trust me; I’ve done this enough times to know how it should be done. This is how I felt the other day when my boss was questioning a promotion I wanted to run. Here’s what happened and…

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1 Awesome Wealthy Way to Fully Enjoy Life Everyday and Be a Good Influence For Others

Fully Enjoy Life

Ever think about why you like to hang out with certain people more than others? Or that you can handle certain people for a longer amount of time than others? I was thinking about this and had an experience at church that helped me realize one of the reasons why this is. People that I…

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2 Easy Wealthy Minded Steps to Help You Choose Between Two Good Options and Feel Great About It

Making Decisions

Ever find that you’re trying to decide between two good options? Either choice could work, but how do you make the decision? That’s what happened to me not too long ago and I paid attention to how I came to make my decision. So here’s what happened and the two wealthy minded steps I took…

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3 Effortless Wealthy Minded Steps To Help People Quickly Solve Their Own Problems and Appreciate You

Solve People's Problems

Wouldn’t it be awesome to help other people (and even yourself) solve their problems in mere minutes? Well, I have a great post for you today! I’m going to teach you the three simple wealthy minded steps on how to help people solve their own problems quickly AND thank you for it! This experience helped…

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3 Killer Wealthy Mindset Tips to Help You Not Regret Your Decisions and Stop Wasting Time Worrying About Things Out of Your Control

Not Regret Your Decisions

Ever get frustrated with people not being clear on what they are saying (or meaning)? Ever just want to say, are you kiddin’ me, did you really mean what you just said? Well, I had those feelings yesterday and I want to share with you the wealthy mindset tips I utilized. So, I had a…

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