Top 3 Cool Reasons That Will Make You Want to Budget, Plus How to Find Time to Budget

3 Reasons to Budget

I hear people say, “I don’t have time to budget. It just takes too much time and it’s not really worth it.” This is my response, “I believe we make time for what we want to make time for.” If we are missing the importance of budgeting then we won’t make time for it. Let…

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3 Stellar Steps to Instill Wealth Creation Habits & Feel Better About Your Money

Wealth Creation Habits

I’ve been hearing a lot about how money gives people anxiety and people just don’t know how to save enough money, especially when they only get paid once a month. Also, they want to be able to track their money in an easy way. I thought I’d address these 3 obstacles in today’s post through…

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My Simple 7 Step Stock Investment Strategy Revealed

Stock Investment Strategy

I get a lot of questions about what I invest in and how I invest. Part of my investment strategy is investing in stocks. Saying that, I want to be clear I am not a financial advisor and I am only sharing my stock investing strategy to give you an idea of what has worked…

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4 Simple Steps to Get Ready To Get Your Taxes Done

Get Your Taxes Done

Tax day will be upon us before we know it (April 18, in case you were wondering). Maybe you’ve already done your taxes and are ready to go. If so, kudos to you; I’m impressed! Maybe you’re like me and haven’t done them yet. 🙂 If you’re the latter, I thought I’d give you my…

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5 Foundational Tips for Creating a Savings

5 Foundational Savings Tips

My last post was about why we should be saving, so for this week’s post I want to talk about tips for actually creating a savings. I’ve got 5 foundational tips for creating a savings; hope they’re helpful! Savings Tip #1 – Know What You’re Saving For If we don’t know what we are saving…

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4 Important Reasons to Help You Start Saving Money

Importance of Savings

63% Of Americans don’t have enough savings to cover a $500 emergency (Jan 2016, from Forbes). This stat is nerve racking to me. If someone doesn’t have enough money to cover only $500 worth, that means there must be a lot of Americans worrying about money, living paycheck to paycheck or in a lot of…

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5 Painless Wealth-Oriented Steps to Set & Achieve a Short-Term Financial Goal

Short Term Financial Goals

With the new year coming up and Christmas right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share with you 5 painless steps to set and achieve a short-term financial goal. Let’s all choose a financial goal we want to achieve within 2 weeks, which will be right before New Years! I’m going…

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5 Essential Wealth-Minded Steps to a Positive Money Mindset

Positive Money Mindset

Being the month of December, there’s a lot of talk about money (or lack thereof). Whether it’s not having enough money for Christmas gifts or being able to donate your money to those in need – there’s a lot going on regarding money, which is why I thought it would be a great time to…

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3 Great Wealth-Focused Benefits of Investing in Yourself

Investing in Yourself

I created a similar blog post focusing on different options for investing, including: Stocks, IRA, 401k, real estate, peer to peer lending and investing in yourself (you can check it out here). Today though, I want to focus on investing in yourself. Investing in yourself is the most important thing I think we can invest…

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4 Simple Wealth-Conscious Steps to Help You Know How Much to Invest & Not Feel Deprived

Tips to Know How Much to Invest

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of investing your money and how to know if you’re ready to invest, it’s time to talk about how much we should actually be investing. It’s tempting to invest all of our extra income, or maybe you’re on the opposite side of the spectrum, that it’s tempting to invest…

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